Hong Kong and Chongqing Air Pollution

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Air Pollution Observation between Hong Kong and Chongqing Part 1 General Picture of Hong Kong and Chongqing and Meaning of Comparing A whole host of similarities between Hong Kong and Chongqing make this thesis's aiming to exploit air pollution and approaches governments take more pragmatic and meaningful. Among the aforementioned similarities, the geographical ones could be treated as lurking causes of air pollution and other relative issues. Hence, this part is intended to showcase a general delineation of this aspect of things in common.

The cities of Chongqing and Hong Kong are both located at hilly areas that are highly opulated, with buildings and major highways located very close to slopes and earth- retaining structures. Landslides and rockfalls are very common in both cities, and large expenditures are being incurred by both Governments on the investigation, design and implementation of mitigation and preventive measures to reduce the likelihood of the loss of life and economic losses due to landslides. Both Hong Kong and Chongqing have a humid subtropical climate.

Summer is hot and humid with occasional showers and thunderstorms, and warm air coming from the southwest. Summer is when typhoons are most likely, sometimes resulting in flooding or andslides. Winters are mild and usually start sunny, becoming cloudier towards February; the occasional cold front brings strong, cooling winds from the north. The most temperate seasons are spring, which can be changeable, and autumn, which is generally sunny and dry. Hong Kong averages 1,948 hours of sunshine per year, while the highest and lowest ever recorded temperatures at the Hong Kong Observatory are 36. oc (97. 0 OF) and 0. 0 oc (32. 0 OF), respectively. On the other hand, known as one of the "Three Furnaces" of the Yangtze River, Chongqing has a monsoon- nfluenced humid subtropical climate, and for most of the year experiences very humid conditions. Besides, its summers are long and among the hottest and most humid in China, with highs of 33 to 34 oc (91 to 93 OF) in July and August in the urban area. Winters are short and somewhat mild, but damp and overcast. Because the city's location is in the Sichuan Basin, Chongqing has one of the lowest annual sunshine nationally.

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The fgure is only 1,055 hours, which is much lower than some nations of Northern Europe. (Wikipedia: Chongqing) Chongqing is adjacent to northeast part of Sichuan province, and the area of this city is over 23,000 km2 with 5million population. Chongqing is one of the most polluted cities in China: from 1981 to 1996, S02 (Sulfur Dioxide) emissions were about 800,000 tons, and TSP (Total Suspended Particulates) emissions were about 200,000 tons per year. The daily concentration of S02 reached to 0. 26-0. 49mg/m3, which is 3-7 times higher than the Class II national standard of air quality

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