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Holidays 6 AM in the morning, the airport as always a little bit noisy,some people with their handbags, others with suits talking over the phone, and don't forget about the families, where all the kids are running around the walling chairs, and their tired mothers trying to shut them down, and also each time there Is another boy or girl Like me, alone watching the other people, guessing how their life are, making stories in our heads, prejudging people who are around us because we have nothing more fun to do, that's why I hate waiting, but as always my punctual mother, Elizabeth, is ailing me 3 hours before, for me to wake up and be 2 hours before the plane lands off here in the airport waiting to board the plane. In these time of the year she is always exited for all of us (my sister, my parents, and me)being back together for the long weekend in my old house in Huston, Texas, at Highland Walla, science I remember she is always like that, she didn't study anything, she decide to be a housewife, she always makes sure that the house is sparkling that everything Is In order. Her hobby Is to get Into courses, but that pips off my dad, Atoms, he thinks that eating Into curses only serves to spend money.

He Is a blueness man, he Is always at work, and he expects a lot from me and my sister, he sent us to the private SST. John's school, but that didn't worked out for my sister, Kate, she Is two years younger than me. When I finish school At SST. Johns, I when directly with a scholarship to GAG Medical School of Seattle, but an year ago when I came back home, to Texas for my sisters graduation, although she had one of the best averages in her class, she told us that she wasn't going to study, that she wanted to travel around the world, so she SE the money that my parents gave to her for her graduation gift for a tike to Europe! Can you believe it? Imagine the reaction of my father, so since then I'm the favorite son.

Speakers: - a lady voice came out- "all the ones of the flight AAA, start birding the plane, repeat the ones of the flight AAA start boarding the plane" so I grab my things, stand up and, start doing the boarding line, was the last one, In front of me, In the line, there was a skinny girl, around of 28 years, all can see Is her back, she has short black hair, a long black dress that has two straps, and I think that s made of silk, but suddenly the woman that was asking for the tickets, asked her, and she start looking for the flight ticket in a desperate way,an she didn't find it, so she turned around, her big blue eyes start watching directly at me, and she says: - you look like an honest man. Could you please take these, and take it to the McLean Village, street 3128 Monterey Rd- an after I an respond she hang to me a red vessel, and go away and she shout: - REMEMBER! McLean Village, street 3128 Monterey Rd - and so I sit on the plane and I put the vessel on the seat next to mine that was empty. I put the belt belt, close my eyes... And we land off.

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After a few hours, we arrive I almost forgot, the vessel, I was waiting to see my family that they were picking me up the airport, and there they were, in the car meanwhile we catch-up, it's been a long time since Eve been here, Kate didn't stop talking about how her twenty the tree to Africa went, she told us that she has a Job as a photographer, and I can say Im very proud of her, she is a happening girl. We arrive home, there was a smell of food, I'm share soft bed pillows an Jump 'to bed, mom... Owe I miss this bed, so soft and with such a good smell y open my eyes an watch all my posters hanging there and for a moment I thought that I was a teenager again, being the popular one, making laugh at girls, I used to had so much fun here!

After a nap, dinner was ready, we ate in family we make a little of Jockeys, my sister and me help my mother washing the dishes, and then I went upstairs so I'd start unpacking my bag and then I saw the vessel, so I took it and I get into my mother's car, I drone to McLean village, I know that place I used to nag out there when I was a kid is a rich neighborhood, all the road was covers with trees, and all the leaves were at the street because of the fall, so then I found it street 3128 Monterey Rd, there was a really big white house, a typical house from the upper class, so I pres De ring bell, an there a housekeeper open De door and then a girl, Just of my same age, she was blonde skinny and was dressed with a white shirt, a tight jeans, and high heels, and when I looked at her face she has the same blue eyes that the girl in the airport, and then I recognized that face, we went to the same school, he was always sitting at the front, but the last two years of school she disappear, Oh how was her name.. Mike... Amyl.... Mile... Yes!

Mile Whitehorse, so when I sakes her if she was Mile she also remembered me, so she makes me pass in and she lead me to De backyard where there in an immense lake and some armchairs, so we sat there and started talking, she told me that the last two years of school she went to Paris to live with her mother and sister, the one of the airport, and then after a while, I remember the vessel, that, that's the reason that I'm there so I give et vessel to her ND she starts to laugh, and she says: - how dramatic my sister is, in a vessel really, she put the ashes of our dead dog in a vessel! - And she keeps laughing louder and says: - Oh my god and you carry these the hole time! - and so we both start laughing and there we were liking and laughing all the afternoon. After that we stayed the hole holidays together, since then we are best friends, keeping contact although she lives in new York and I am finishing my career of surgeon I think I'm going to new York...

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