High Stakes Testing In The Modern World Education Essay

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I think that in today 's modern universe, everyone is determined to hammer some type of achievement, whether it is academic or vocational. In some instances high bets proving are used to find most of these accomplishments. High bets trial are hence used to verify a broad scope of critical results which allow pupils to come on to the following degree. High bets proving can be traced back to the 1965 mandate of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act ( ESEA ) . This was to better doing of import determinations about pupils, instructors, and decision makers in the simple and secondary schools and besides for measuring the schools and school systems.

Clarke, Shore, Rhoades, Abrams, Miao, and Li ( 2003 ) found in their National Board survey that answerability systems with high bets test helped instructors aim countries for future direction, and transformed the accent on authorship and critical thought accomplishments. I 'm of the steadfast sentiment that high bets test allows pupils to analyze and measure a given job or state of affairs by get the hanging the cardinal content cognition and achieving the accomplishments necessary for future success in instruction and work force. Besides instructors provide feedback so that accommodations and even restructuring could be applied.

With high bets proving some instructors have adopted a more student-centred attacks Jones, Jones & A ; Hargrove, ( 2003 ) , and aligned their course of study to the province criterions, which in bend increased teacher coaction Marshall ( 2003 ) . Students have to be given the chance to construct on their old cognition and explicate their ain thoughts as to do sense of what is being taught. The civilization of the instruction has to be in coherency with the province or state to let pupils to bring forth at an optimal degree. Students must be able to associate and place within their linguistic communication, beliefs and norms.

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High bets proving besides highlights the accomplishments gaps between rich and hapless territories, rural and urban countries and among cultural and cultural groups. Uncovering these informations can let pedagogues to turn to the prevalent jobs, particularly if wagess and countenances to schools, instructors and pupils are specified. Administrators and instructors can nail possible jobs and readdress the course of study and instructional activities accordingly.

Conversely, the high bets trials constrained many instructors ' ability to learn creatively Gordon & A ; Reese, ( 1997 ) ; Jones, Jones & A ; Hargrove, ( 2003 ) and undermined their sense of professionalism and liberty. Some of these high interest trials have defined course of study and fashioned direction. Teachers now have moved to where everything has got to be aligned and tightly structured. A sense of autonomy is no longer executable due to the authorizations and force per unit areas to execute. Teachers are hence learning the course of study and implementing a strategic method of memorisation - a pupil 's ability to shop and reproduce names, day of the months and facts for the benefit of go throughing a certain degree of their academic accomplishment.

In add-on to the above, high bets test have the inclination to over trial and under-examine pupils abilities and accomplishments. This places an tremendous sum of force per unit area on the instructors and pupils likewise to follow a narrow course of study and concentrate on memorising facts alternatively of developing more advanced abilities. High bets proving has maintained a narrow appraisal of pupil capablenesss and so pupils do what they must in order to go through the test and nil more. Education becomes a inactive experience and this transcends the schoolroom to the work environment.

Finally by far the most compelling indictment of these high-stakes scrutinies is that they test what pupils know instead than what they can make and as such motive is an authoritarian factor. Education should be an active experience where pupils are invariably engaged and where a love for acquisition is developed, instead than a hatred for concluding tests. Ash and Persall ( 2000 ) stated that motive can drastically impede school betterment and make an discerning and dead environment in which instructors are isolated, without chances to collaboratively work out jobs, portion cognition, or larn together.

In reasoning the intent of high interest trials is to better pupil accomplishment. While pupils with larning disablements have a batch to derive from increased focal point on pupil accomplishments it is besides evident that high bets trial does hold major deductions. Crucially, with respects to high bets proving more direct and concrete information is needed to demo that pupils are using factual information and reassigning their cognition, accomplishments and thoughts into a merchandise, a public-service corporation or a public presentation. However, high bets trial are geared towards bettering pupils and heighten the answerability that the contrivers are urgently seeking and supply the equity and regard that each and every kid is entitled to in the school system. Then it might be merely possible that every kid would acquire a opportunity to reflect.

Background To High Stakes Testing In Trinidad And Tobago

In Trinidad and Tobago High Stakes Testing are done throughout our primary schools, secondary schools and third establishments as these establishments have maintained a stiff arrested development on scrutinies. Standardized trials are good in that they are utile for comparing pupils countrywide since they are all required to analyze the same course of study for the same test. The Secondary Examination appraisal is no different as it awards a kid for farther accomplishment in the academic field.

Secondary Entrance Assessment ( SEA ) Examination is a high interest trial that is used in Trinidad and Tobago to ease the arrangement of pupils in Secondary Schools.A The SEA comprises of three documents Creative Writing, Mathematics, and Language Arts with an allotted clip frame for each topic and covers the national course of study for Primary-level instruction with a focal point on Standards three to five.

The Common Entrance was replaced with this debut of the SEA scrutiny high-stakes trial to be used as one of the tools to drive the instruction system in the right way. Planners would no uncertainty argue that there is good virtue for the application of this high interest appraisal. Besides the SEA exams uses standard tonss to use the discrepancy in each paper and hence allows the pupil 's to keep a criterion when they are combined, therefore guaranting equity in the arrangement procedure. Placement in secondary schools continues to be on the footing of virtue, pick of schools and gender. Merely when pupil 's picks of schools have been exhausted, will try be made to put pupils in schools closest to their places.

In such a high interest trial as the SEA exams the paper contains open-ended points for which pupils are required to build their responses, instead than choose them from a figure of other options. Open-ended points can arouse different right responses from pupils, but the accent is on uncovering pupils ' thought. This high interest trial gives room for originative and critical thought leting pupils to develop their accomplishments. Students are required to demo their cognition of the mechanics of linguistic communication and expose their academic competences.

While their exists certain wagess to the SEA high bets test the sum of accent placed on larning through past documents, `` brochures '' and sample trials speaks to the unfortunate importance of the understanding the trial format over the importance of understanding the existent stuff. Furthermore, what makes a " good school '' good is how good its pupils perform at the terminal of these trials. This places an tremendous sum of force per unit area on the instructors to follow a narrow course of study and concentrate on memorising facts alternatively of developing more advanced abilities. For case where a instructor would wish to give her pupils a hebdomad to plan an experiment to prove the consequence of planetary heating, the clip factor before the S.E.A. exam merely does non allow her to make so. Alternatively of advancing fresh groundbreaking thoughts, instructors are forced to restrict themselves and pupils to walking the beaten way.

Another downside is that the instruction system is organized in such a manner that if you have jobs memorising and regurgitating, you are branded as a individual who is " non bright '' and your way is set from every bit early as the S.E.A. scrutinies. Those doors are non unfastened to you who have jobs declaiming information, because even if you somehow do it go through the first phase of S.E.A. , you end up in the same state of affairs at higher degrees in a system that has the same learn-by-heart demands of its pupils. This civilization of high interest trials in instruction has limited the capacity of our citizens to bring forth at an optimal degree in our society because it has limited creativeness of the instructor, of the pupil and of the ensuing work force.

Standardized testing besides limits creativeness of the instructors. Our state 's overexploitation of tests to measure pupil public presentation is holding serious negative effects on instruction and acquisition. The trials have defined course of study. The standardised testing of SEA exams merely assesses pupil 's ability to shop and reproduce names, day of the months and facts. What is of import is that pupils memorize the expression and non that they understand it. This leads to a entire deficiency of capacity for groking cardinal constructs and believing in abstract footings. In add-on, how the topic is tested has become how the topic is taught and what is non tested is non taught.

Students should non be asked to reproduce a twelvemonth 's work in a 70 proceedingss exam because this does non develop their critical thought accomplishments and analytical techniques. By heightening creativeness in the schoolroom, it will cultivate originality in believing which will enable citizens to see things otherwise and use new schemes and attacks to work outing jobs.

Education should be an active experience where pupils are invariably engaged and where a love for acquisition is developed, instead than a hatred for concluding tests. Fortunately for us, Ras Shorty I did non hold to go through a music test in order to contrive soca and it is a good thing that Brian Lara did non larn to play cricket through a cricket enchiridion with batting expression. It is non the sweeping reproduction of novel-writing but the originative usage of written linguistic communication that makes VS Naipaul an acclaimed author.

In decision high bets test such as the SEA scrutiny has its benefits and its negative impact. It is utile in puting criterions across the schools, territories and state. Besides it would be polar in constructing answerability into the system. Hence provide feedback so that accommodations and even restructuring could be applied to the system. However, peculiar attending to the course of study and instructional techniques, alteration of proving methods, more teacher encouragement and good observation are some of the other factors that will besides promote pupils to accomplish higher classs.

Campaigners Interviewed

Data Collection Instrument

Date and Time of Interview

  • Teacher
  • Parent
  • Student


After carry oning an interview with a SEA test instructor, Mr. Mehindra stated that most pupils sitting the S.E.A Examination are under intense anxiousness as the course of study had many countries to specify. He stated that the SEA scrutiny course of study is rather regime and demands a batch from the pupils composing the test. A major job he stated was the clip restraint that inhibits pupils from being originative as there is small or no clip to experiment with information. Formulae, regulations and grammatical constructions are learnt and merely applied to inquiries.

While he found a high interest trial such as the S.E.A. scrutiny to be relevant and necessary as it standardizes proving of pupils who portion similar learnt cognition and ability as to what they have studied throughout their primary instruction. He stated that as a S.E.A. exam instructor such a high interest trial is indispensable because it allows for pupils to be motivated and encourages an environment for competitory acquisition. He besides mentioned that the accomplishment of transportation is at the bosom of larning and should non be left to speculate. It must be officially encouraged and become profoundly engraved and structured into the course of study in schools. In contrast he besides claimed that the existent winners are ever those who think outside of the box and who have put their cognition and endowments to creative usage in the humanistic disciplines, concern, scientific disciplines, humanistic disciplines, athleticss and across subjects and have good balanced and holistic development.


Most parents want what 's best for their kids. They want their kids to go critical minds with the accomplishments necessary for higher instruction and great success in life. As a parent of a kid who sat the SEA test late she was much relieved that it was done and over with. She stated that utilizing high bets test to do determinations with of import effects for single pupils can be intimidating. Her concerns were if the trials are being used right and reasonably. She besides stated that it was much work for her as it was for her kid because she spent same sum of hours awake and was emotionally stressed out by the volume of worked needed to be covered by her kid.

Besides the memorisation of all the assorted expression and grammatical regulations were rather overpowering. She found that the SEA test high bets test promoted a narrow focal point on acquiring the right reply and contract the course of study to whatever information is expected on the trial. Thinking outside of the box is discouraged. Capable countries such as art, music, wellness and scientific discipline got fringy attention.

Conversely she besides expressed rather an interesting point by acknowledging that high bets test facilitates higher acquisition accomplishments. She besides appreciated the fact that the SEA test high interest trial in peculiar besides encourages an environment for competitory acquisition.

Student # 1

As a SEA exam pupil it proved to be rather ambitious and boring Cavita stated with a diffident smiling. She has late completed the SEA scrutiny and shared some of her late fond memories. The effects of the high interest SEA test did so take a toll on her. Her full agenda had changed as she had increased her perusal hours because the work got really demanding, which in bend reduced her extracurricular activities by about half. She besides stressed of the scope of inauspicious emotional reactions, of which she frequently felt down, disquieted, or embarrassed. Besides at times she felt stupid and less proud of herself.

While there was the motivative factor of competitory acquisition she besides stated that it was so a immense challenge. Cavita besides mentioned that her parents were rather supportive and did so attend to her every demand. Her female parent would frequently remain up while she studied and if she was hungry made a speedy bite for her to crunch on. She did nevertheless hold that standardising a high bets test such as the SEA tests do hold its benefits, as it allowed a similar scene of criterions across the schools, territories and state. Furthermore she stated that it gave a sense of what to anticipate at secondary and third degree scrutinies.

Student # 2

Ravi is a originative kid who is non really fond of tests. When questioned about the SEA test he was a spot hesitating about the subject because he found the test to be an highly hard undertaking. He argued that it was excessively much work to larn in excessively small clip. He stated that at times the focal point on memorisation of expression and grammatical regulations were rather overpowering. Besides he stated that instructors teach the course of study and merely what is in the course of study and as such originative humanistic disciplines and scientific discipline undertakings are sidelined in order to complete the demanding course of study.

Next, he mentioned how boring it used to be as instructors focus on so many trial documents and past documents that at clip he felt suffocated. His extracurricular activities were denied as he had excessively much work to concentrate on. However he besides stated that he was a spot slower than others and frequently felt down and defeated, therefore, the demand to seek harder.

On the positive side he was appreciative to the fact that in such a high interest trial as the SEA exam he can look frontward to capture into a secondary school, which in bend was his motivative factor.

Student # 3

Small speculative heads ever think critically, as such is this student who late wrote the high bets SEA test. She found the SEA scrutiny to be a ambitious vas to greater accomplishment. She stated that it a mechanism that is used to actuate pupils and instructors likewise. Student should desire to execute good to experience a sense of achievement as go throughing this test allows you to graduate and travel on to a secondary instruction. Teachers should besides experience accomplished when their clip and attempt is appreciated, non merely by their pupils but parents every bit good.

She besides pointed out that standardising trial such as the SEA scrutiny will let pupils a just opportunity of equality as the same trial is given to each kid. She besides did non bury to advert that a high interest trial as the SEA test will besides help in puting criterions across the schools and state.

On the downside nevertheless, she stated that a batch of analyzing had to be done and as such her extracurricular activities were minimum. Besides being originative was non an option as memorisation of assorted expressions and grammatical regulations was a cardinal factor in go throughing the SEA test.

Themes Derived From All Interviews Taken

Harmonizing to the World Wide Web, a subject " is a consolidative thought that is a perennial component in literary or artistic work, '' in a sentence, paragraph or try. Many subjects can be derived from the interviews taken every bit many responses were likewise based. While it s true that each individual has given their valuable and honest parts towards this assignment, it can be noted that many of us are of the same position when it comes to standardised testing, and to a big extent Secondary Entrance Assessment Examinations, and that it that it is clip devouring with its overladen course of study, it encourages competitory acquisition, disputing, motivationally structured and it diminishes any excess clip towards extra-curricular or other capable affairs. As a instructor in the primary school, I am to the full cognizant that the clip tabular array is shifted doubtless when a kid escalates to the standard 5 category. Besides, small or no clip is given to extra-curricular activities every bit good as Creative Humanistic disciplines, Music, Science and Social Studies. It was besides highlighted that there are excessively many expressions, regulations and grammatical constructions which are to be mastered in order to keep and put high at its terminal.


In kernel, high-stakes testing has its benefits and its disadvantages. High bets trial is aimed at making better accomplishing pupils. A High-stakes testing is designed to keep single studentsA accountable for their ain trial public presentation, unlike " system answerability, '' which is aimed at the suppliers of instruction, such as, school territories, and schools. However, this can non be achieved if the system is smothering the creativeness of the people. Memorizing a text edition is no replacing for advanced thought. The creativeness for advancement that should hold been cultivated in the schoolroom is missing. Therefore neglecting to go through for a esteemed school at the S.E.A. scrutiny does non specify a individual it merely puts you at a different degree. Rather the inquiry is how best to utilize high-stakes testing.

Furthermore, sufficient resources must be provided for professional development of instructors in the usage of trials and redress of pupils who ab initio fails. Policymakers must non lose sight that the ultimate end of a comprehensive answerability system is non to honor or penalize, but to better the bringing of course of study and increase pupil larning. Some balance could be brought to bear on the overdose of these pen-and-paper trials if schools become committed to a annual expounding of kids 's work highlighting, among others, their accomplishments in athleticss, the ocular and executing humanistic disciplines, and the school 's outreach community programme, to be viewed publically by school functionaries, nucleus stakeholders and other service suppliers. It provides indirect grounds that pupils are showing understanding of their cognition in context.

Therefore it is of my sentiment that a high interest trial does non specify an person but help a pupil into going a more successful and accomplishing individual. In Trinidad and Tobago we must recognize that the consequence of the instruction system which revolves about high bets scrutinies is non ever the most achieving method but a mechanism used to assist ease higher accomplishment.

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