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Health Care Communication Methods

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Health Care Communication Methods 1 Health Care Communication Methods Edilia Ramos HCS/320 August 27, 2012 Kim Foster Health Care Communication Methods 2

A communications coordinator is known as a marketing professional that coordinates organizations both internally and externally. This type of occupation is a key role in an organizations reputation with the employees and within the general public. Communications coordinator may work directly for an organization or for an agency that may specialize in public relations or marketing. Health Care Communication Methods 3

There are advantages and disadvantages of using traditional, electronic, and social media for health care communication. Social media these days can raise awareness, and increase knowledge of an issue. Traditional communication and social media may not be able to meet all of the communication goals that are being addressed, or be able to target all of the audience’s needs that are being requested. Due to the recent outbreak of negative side effects that have been reported to the national drug manufacturer there are several ways that I will reach out to the media in reference to the situation at hand.

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There are traditional, electronic, and social media forms of communication all at each will be provided the proper information as to what has been done to correct the problem that has been brought forward. The modern mass of communication would include the newspaper, radio, television, and telephones which would be the first to be told of the situation and what is going to be done to fix the reports of the negative side effects that have been reported.

Traditional communication has come a long way from story-telling, myths, and carvings on monuments to the middle ages in which came the radio, and then onto the internet. Due to the severity of this situation and the importance that needs to be sent out in a timely manner, I am first going to call the television reporting stations within the local areas first seeing that everyone watches their tv’s and that would be the fastest way to get this information out to the public next to the newspaper company, and radio stations that would follow.

Health Care Communication Methods 4 The information that was provided to the national drug manufacturer and the effects that have been brought forward are very important to us and the reputation of the company along with the health of the many American’s that take this product. The advantages of traditional, electronic, and social media have enabled us in so many new methods of communicating all in one in which technology has integrated mobile phones with internet, television, email, and text messaging all in one.

These are some of the advantages that have derived from the advanced technology in communication, and are of the easiest forms of communication that is able to be seen and viewed by many people all over the world. Electronic communication is also one of the easiest ways to communicate because it lets you combine numerous media text, graphics, sound, and video all into one message. With the internet you are given the ability to transmit and receive large messages of information to and from individuals along with workgroups quickly and in a timely manner.

Social media has become world- wide within today’s society and is the most commonly used websites that people are using frequently today and they include twitter, google, myspace, and the infamous facebook that is being used by people of all ages. This new era brings pros and opportunities seeing that in the past you had numbers of or contacts of how people generally got ahold of you, and today with the large part of social media here are many different levels of communication each with a specific purpose. Only you are able to limit the people that know and have your information Health Care Communication Methods 5 and can see what you post on any profile. Therefore social media has made it easy for the national drug manufacturer to be able to become a social media website and post and information that is needed and wanted by its viewers.

In this case this type of communication has many pros in the way it can send out information to people all over, targets a wide audience, effective recruitment tool, facilitates open communication, and you are able to deliver communication to the specific person it is intended for. The disadvantages of electronic, and social media is that it increases the risk online scams that seem real, possibility of hackers committing fraud , and negative comments that can be seen about the company in which they may not be true.

It has become more popular to receive a telephone call, or a text message verifying an appointment or a prescription pickup and if a person has changed their telephone number or even their email address someone else is going to receive that information that belongs to another person and that could contain some personal information in which the HIPAA regulation comes into effect.

HIPAA also known as the health insurance portability and accountability act went into effect April of 2003 in which the purpose is to protect the patient’s privacy pertaining to their individual health information. HIPAA gives the patient the right to obtain copies of their medical records so that they are able to go over the information on it and correct any errors that they may find. “All healthcare providers are required to comply with the HIPAA privacy rule. The basic requirement of this rule is that a covered entity may only

Health Care Communication Methods 6 use or disclose an individual’s protected health information for treatment, payment, or health care operations or other noted exception’s as permitted or required by the rule. ”(www. courseslearningsomething. com/script2) “HIPAA imposes the following limits on the situations in which employer group health plans may have preexisting condition exclusions and the length of time that such exclusions apply”(HIPAA and other laws, chapter 10, pg. 2) A list of pros and cons have been listed and described in the areas of communication related to traditional, electronic, and social media. In any event the privacy of the patient or individuals that may be involved will be kept according to the HIPAA law that prevents such information being given out. Health Care Communication Methods 7 REFERENCES HIPAA and other laws, chapter 10, pg. 12 www. courseslearningsomething. com/script2

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