Hauroun and the Sea of Stories Compared to Lord of the Rings

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Hauroon and lord of rings Frodo Baggins and Haroun Khalifa are both heroes, both from different stories but have a very similar journey. Frodo Baggins from J. R. R Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings is a hobbit of middle earth who keeps to himself and likes to be alone, he goes on an adventure that changes his life. Haroun Khalifa from Salman Rushdie’s Haroun and the sea of stories is a 10 year old boy living with his father in an imaginary sad city. Both characters go on a journey that changes there life forever, the characters quests have many similar stages to the journey.

Both begin there quest with a call to adventure, neither characters are expecting it but both seem eager to go. Both characters battle between good and evil and both characters become masters of two worlds, and achieve apotheosis or god like status and then have the freedom to live. Both heroes are called to the adventure in many different ways, Frodo Baggins is called to adventure during his uncles 111th birthday party when his uncle Bilbo disappears. Bilbo left a gold ring for Frodo so Frodo speaks to the wizard Gandalf who says to keep it safe and not to put it on.

Years later the wise wizard Gandalf returns to tell Frodo the ring is extremely dangerous and was forged by the dark lord, Sauron and must be destroyed, that is when his journey began and Frodo begins his journey heading towards Rivendell to talk to the elves about how to destroy it. Haroun is called to his journey when he returns home one day to find out his mother has run away with the upstairs neighbor who has always been critical towards Rashid Khalifas story telling which effects Haroun greatly.

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Haroun argues with his father about the usefulness of stories and why they are important, this crushes Rashid. Haroun struggles with school due to his mothers absence so his father takes him on a story telling trip for some fancy politics, they travel to the Valley of G and when Rashid goes up to tell a story and nothing comes out, this is Haroun's call to adventure, to help his father. Good VS evil. Thats what fairy-tails and stories revolve around, both Frodo's and Haroun's adventure revolves around it.

In Lord of the Rings the evil that Frodo is fighting is the darkness of the ring and the evil that dwells within Mordor. Saruman, the evil wizard tries to make Frodo change from good to evil but did not succeed. In Haroun's story the evil that he fights is someone named Khattam-Shud, Khattam-Shud is polluting or poisoning the stories so they can not be told. Rashid and Haroun travel to the Land of Gup to try and figure out what is going on. They get there and the entire land is preparing for war, the guppies Vs the Chupwalas.

The war ends with the victory of the Guppies and they reward Haroun with granting his wish that his father can tell stories again. At the end of each story the heroes reach the stage of apotheosis, Frodo reaches apotheosis when he destroys the ring by throwing it in the lava, all the evil goes away and the good takes over. Frodo is the master of two worlds the world of the non existent Mordor and the Shire, he is looked at as a king and everyone will forever be grateful for his victory over darkness.

Haroun reaches apotheosis after the war ends, he is overwhelmed with joy that his father can tell stories, Haroun returns to the sad city with his father to find that the city is no longer sad, the once forgotten city name has been remembered and when Haroun returns home he finds the last person to be there waiting for him, his mother. Haroun's story ends happily ever after as does Frodo's. Both of the heroes were from a classic fairytale , the stories had a call to adventure, both very different calls to adventure but they both fulfill there goals and reach apotheosis, i guess you can say Haroun and Frodo both lived happily ever after.

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