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Essays on Miss Brill

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Literary Analysis Miss Brill

In “Miss Brill” the author Katherine Mansfield creates the metaphor of the world being a stage and the character of Miss Brill being an actress. This illusion can determine her to be a round character because she is afraid of being the person that she …

Miss Brill
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“Miss Brill,” by Katherine Mansfield

The selected passage is from the end of the short story Miss Brill, beginning where Miss Brill sees the boy and girl who sits down on the bench near her right to the end of the story. In “Miss Brill,” by Katherine Mansfield, we are …

Miss Brill
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Lonely Miss Brill the Eavesdropper

Miss Brill by Katherine Mansfield is about a middle-aged English teacher who secretly listens to other people’s conversation due to her loneliness. Every weekend Miss Brill goes out to the parade in a park and listens to other people’s conversation because she has nobody to …

Miss Brill
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Miss Brill: Overview

Mansfield did a really good Job at using theme through characterization. She first used Miss Broil’s attitude and appearance. Miss. Brills was a very classy old lady, “Miss Brills was glad that she had decided on her fur. ” Back in the period that Miss …

Miss Brill
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Short Stories

In many of the works we have read thus far, a character is isolated or alienated from or in conflict with his or her culture and/or environment. Two prime examples of this dilemma include Leonard Mead in “The Pedestrian,” and Miss Brill in “Miss Brill. …

LiteratureMementoMiss Brill
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"Miss Brill" is a short story by Katherine Mansfield. It was first published in Athenaeum on 26 November 1920, and later reprinted in The Garden Party and Other Stories.
Originally published

November 26, 1920


Katherine Mansfield



Situational Irony : Miss Brill believed she was an extravagant young woman, but the young couple turned her expectations around she overheard them talking about her.


Miss Brill: A middle-aged, unmarried English tutor in France, Miss Brill is optimistic, observant, and sensitive. Her reflections about her day to day life reveal that she is extremely lonely. She substitutes reality with fantasies about the lives of the people she comes in contact with.


The young, romantic couple in the park serve as antagonists to Miss Brill, as they destroy her illusions and provide her with reality.


In Miss Brill, Miss Brill's mood at the beginning of the story is happy, jaunty, light, whimsical, and optimistic.


What is the main theme of Miss Brill?
Miss Brill's central theme revolves around the pain and loneliness of being alone, as well as inadvertent attempts of experiencing life through the eyes of total strangers. It becomes evident that Miss Brill hungers for warmth and companionship from the beginning.
What is the conclusion of Miss Brill?
Katherine Mansfield’s short story "Miss Brill," ends after the main character has spent Sunday at the public gardens, making up stories and watching others as she goes.
What is the meaning behind Miss Brill?
Her Fur. Miss Brill’s fur symbolizes her inner landscape. She speaks to the fur in her story as if it were alive. This reveals her isolation and loneliness, but it also showcases her imagination.
Is Miss Brill worthy of sympathy?
However, Miss Brill is not ridiculed nor dismissed as a crazy, disgusting woman. Mansfield's skillful use of perspective, characterization and plot development allows Miss Brill to come across convincingly, which evokes sympathy.

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