Revolutionary Changes in the Atlantic World: American and French Revolutions Compared, and Latin American Revolutions Analyzed

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D. Revolutionary Changes in the Atlantic World, 1750-1850

1. The American Revolution never went through the radical phases that the French Revolution did. Yet, the nineteenth-century French government was more conservative than the nineteenth-century U.S. government. Explain.

The American Revolution is not as tough and Radical as the French Revolution because

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France provided American forces with financial help and armor support during the American Revolution. The Americans are also greatly influenced by some philosophers that made them not to look up to French's form of government as a model even though France provided coalitions and even send off fleet and an army to help them triumphed battles effectively.

French government is more conservative than the U.S government during the 19th century because of the absolute monarchy of French government. Americans never went through radical changes since they followed a series  of  board intellectual shifts and social shifts as well that gave them new republican ideals that expands democracy among  American people and created the ethic that formed the core of American political values.

2. What similarities and differences do you see between the nineteenth-century revolutions in Latin America and their French and American predecessors?

The similarities between the 19th century revolution in America and their French American predecessors is that they began to inherit political powers and the idea of a democratic government where the consent lies on the government’s consent. Assertion of liberty, individual rights, equality and hostility towards corruption which are considered as American core values greatly influenced their predecessors. This made realizations to them that they could also break away and become self governing nations.

E. The Early Industrial Revolution

1. How did events in the eighteenth century lead to industrialization in the nineteenth century?  What was the most important catalyst for industrialization?

The industrial Revolution was a result of the outgrown of institutional and social changes in Britain right after the 17th century English Civil War  and  technological innovation

The presence of a large domestic market should also be considered an important driver of the Industrial Revolution, particularly explaining why it occurred in Britain. In other nations, such as France, markets were split up by local regions, which often imposed tolls and tariffs on goods traded amongst them. (Deane, Phyllis. The First Industrial Revolution, Cambridge University Press.)

2. Compare and contrast the impact of the Industrial Revolution on men and women.  How was family life affected by industrialization?

Industrial Revolution have different impact on men and women for men it paved way for more work ad encourage them to more enhanced way of labor through innovation and technology. Forced labor and child labor is also rampant during the years of Industrial revolution which gave workers longer working hours. Women’s job like factories of clothings and the weaving industry is affected by Industrial revolution because machines takes place of the job which is supposedly for the works of women.

The Great Exhibition of 1851 site


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