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Literary Techniques in The Things They Carried

A literary technique is a device employed in literature to add depth to a writer’s work. These techniques can be obvious, such as the technique of rhyme in a poem, or subtle, such as juxtaposition, which can go unnoticed by the reader. In The Things …

IronyThings They Carried
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Pages 5
Understanding PTSD and the Impact on Soldiers

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a type of anxiety disorder. PTSD usually occurs after someone has seen or experienced a traumatic event that involved the threat of injury and death. It is commonly associated with the soldiers who have fought in wars or conflicts. All …

Post Traumatic StressStressStress DisorderThings They Carried
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Roleof Women in the Things They Carried

The Rose of the World Why do we blame Helen’s beauty for the Trojan War or Eve’s curious nature for Adam’s choice to eat the apple, thus beginning the mortal human civilization? Throughout history men have found it convenient to hold women responsible for their …

Things They CarriedWomen
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Faith in the Things They Carried

Henry Dobbins wears his girlfriend’s pantyhose around his neck for protection and comfort. He is much more confident when he equips the stockings, therefore they act as a talisman that shield him from the evils of war. “Dobbins was invulnerable. Never wounded, never a scratch… …

Things They Carried
Words 590
Pages 3
The Things They Carried

In this life, each and every person has individual battles to wage. It only comes in varying degrees and lengths, but it is nonetheless a war where one must surface from. The term war here does not necessarily refer to the typical contention by force …

FictionIronyThings They CarriedTruth
Words 110
Pages 1
The Things They Carried Passage Analysis

“Spin” Passage: The Things They Carried The function of the passage from the episode “Spin” is to introduce a different interpretation of the concept of “boredom,” one that pertains to the war and the soldiers specifically and not often experienced by civilians. The type of …

BoredomThings They Carried
Words 320
Pages 2
The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien

Civil War General Sherman once said, “War is hell. ” He was right. In the short story “The Things They Carried,” Tim O’Brien shows us the hell that our soldiers suffered. The narrator shows us a captivating, and up-close story about our soldiers in the …

MilitaryThings They Carried
Words 613
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Tim O.Briens, the Things They Carried Critical Essay

Dan Gaumer Gaumer 1 Prof Montgomery English 104 10/22/12 Hard Times of Norman Bowker Have you ever found yourself carrying something heavy for a long period of time? Do you remember feeling pain, or wanting to drop the object because it was too much to …

Things They Carried
Words 1330
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The Things They Carried By Tim OBrien

The beauty of this story is in its subtlety and depth. The most interesting inquiry of all as regards this piece is how Martha’s letters and pictures come to play in the story. The letters and pictures may symbolize hope or even false hope, despair, …

HopeLoveSuperstitionThings They Carried
Words 97
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The Things They Carried – Dialogue and Materials

Themes and Dialogue of O’Brien in The Things They Carried War has done many horrible things to many people throughout time all over the world. War experience filled with death, suspense, and constant fear has swept through millions and millions of people who are still …

DialogueThings They Carried
Words 1402
Pages 6
Creative Writting Essay- the Things They Carried

While Rat was telling the story about Mary Anne Bell, what was Mitchell Sanders thinking? Did he believe the story? Was he sceptical? Here is an overview of exactly what he was thinking while listening to Rat’s story, and his opinion concerning certain aspects. As …

Things They Carried
Words 327
Pages 2
The Things They Carried Narrative Essay

Outline Literature Summary: “The Things They Carried”, published in 1990 tells a true story of Tim O’Brian, author and main character, who is drafted for the Vietnam war. He tells about the different items that him and his fellow soldiers carried with them to help …

MedicineSuicideThings They Carried
Words 55
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The Things They Carried: Book Review

The characters and situational plots bring a sense of depth to the Vietnam War that is not always confronted or even appreciated. The novel’s stories are recounted from a narrative perspective describing occurrences within a platoon of the Alpha Company serving in Vietnam. O’Brien himself …

BooksNovelThings They Carried
Words 1002
Pages 4
Norman Morrison and The Things They Carried

War has such a violent nature that it has affected many individuals in many different ways. The most obvious of these is through the lives of the soldiers who experience it first-hand. However, even those who simply follow its progress and who have empathy for …

EmpathyExperienceThings They CarriedViolence
Words 706
Pages 3
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The Things They Carried is a collection of linked short stories by American novelist Tim O'Brien, about a platoon of American soldiers fighting on the ground in the Vietnam War. His third book about the war, it is based upon his experiences as a soldier in the 23rd Infantry Division.
Originally published

March 28, 1990


Norman Bowker, Henry Dobbins, Lieutenant Jimmy Cross, Rat Kiley, Tim O'Brien


Historical Fiction



Frequently asked questions

What is the message of The Things They Carried?
The Things They Carried is a collection of short stories by Tim O'Brien, about his experiences as a soldier in the Vietnam War. The stories are interconnected, and they focus on the themes of death, love, and war.The title story, The Things They Carried," is about the physical and emotional burdens that the soldiers carry with them. The soldiers carry physical burdens, like their weapons and supplies, but they also carry emotional burdens, like the memories of the people they've killed.The story is about the ways that the soldiers try to cope with their burdens. Some of them try to forget the horrors of war, while others dwell on them. Some of them find comfort in their friends, while others find comfort in drugs or alcohol.The story is ultimately about the ways that war changes people. The things that they carry with them, both physical and emotional, weigh them down and change them in ways that they could never have imagined."
What is a good thesis statement for The Things They Carried?
A good thesis statement for The Things They Carried might discuss the ways in which the novel explores the idea of carrying both physical and emotional burdens. It could also discuss how the book examines the effects of war on the individual soldiers and their relationships with one another.
What is The Things They Carried about summary?
The Things They Carried is a novel about the Vietnam War, told from the perspective of a soldier in the U.S. Army. The novel is a collection of interconnected stories, each of which focuses on a different aspect of the war and the soldiers' experience. The stories are linked together by the soldiers' shared experience of carrying physical and emotional burdens during the war. The Things They Carried is a powerful and moving portrayal of the human cost of war.
What is the purpose of The Things They Carried?
The Things They Carried is a novel that tells the story of a group of soldiers in the Vietnam War. The novel is set in the 1960s and follows the soldiers as they fight in the war and experience the horrors that come with it. The novel also focuses on the emotional and mental toll that the war takes on the soldiers.

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