Global Warmning

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Mandi Kinsey 10th Writing Persuasive essay 5/18/11 Word count: 602 Global Warming What happens to all the exhaust that comes out of the back of vehicles on the road? What are all the thick black clouds coming from factories that define a city’s skyline? What effect is all this smoke and smut going to do to the Earth? Some scientists have a theory called “Global Warming. ” Scientist along with the followers of this theory believe that carbon dioxide or CO2 from mankind’s use of fossil fuels like coal, oil, and natural gas is building up in the atmosphere.

As these gases go up into our air, they get trapped in our ozone layer creating a blanket of gas that does not allow the heat from the earth to disseminate. Theorists believe that this “blanket” of gasses leads to increased temperatures in the Earth’s atmosphere. Now this leaves us with the question what is global wormig and is it harmful? When it comes to the issues of pollution, all humans are affected since all humans benefit from the Earth’s resources. I am not convinced of that global warming is caused by humans. I do believe that all the pollution caused by humankind is doing horrible things to the environment.

Although, I do not believe that the Earth’s temperature is rising as a result of human pollution. Nor do I believe that “Global Warming” will bring catastrophic repercussions as many theorists will have society believe. The retention of heat around the Earth’s atmosphere caused from gases is called the greenhouse effect. This is because, like a green house that a gardner uses to grow plants, the sun comes in through glass heats up the room and is not allowed to leave because the glass keeps it in. The Earths greenhouse the glass is the CO2 blanket that does not allow heat to escape from our Ozone layer.

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So why is this important, a little extra heat further from the equator would surely please many? Some of the fear driven consequences that some theorists have told include; Rising sea levels, leading to more coastal erosion, flooding during storms, and permanent inundation, Increased drought and increased incidence of wildfires, Severe stress on many forests, wetlands, alpine regions, and other natural ecosystems and impacts on human health as mosquitoes and other disease-carrying insects and rodents spread diseases over larger geographical regions.

I not only believe that humans are not the cause of global warming but i believe that the Earth is continually changing and that humans give themselves to much credit thinking they are that much of an influence on the Earth. Where does the truth lie with global warming? Are we all going to pay for the decades of pollution to the earth or are the skeptics correct in suggesting that this is all blown out of proportion through the media and extremists? I do not know the for sure answer to these question, no one does. This idea of humans causing “global warming” is simply that an idea, a theory.

But as with any good theory it demands that people take its warnings serious and research and prepare for possible findings. I believe that society does need to lower their pollution and think of ways to “go green” but not from fear or false theories. I think society needs to care about the environment for the animals, themselves and the future generations. In the end the correct choice is to continue studying the issue and if it turns out to be nothing we would still have been winners for educating millions and cleaning up the environment.

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