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Management is a critical aspect of every organization. Though there might be diversity in the forms of organizations, managers generally perform similar functions in these organizations. Any type of organization irrespective of its orientation strives to establish a smooth running that is geared towards achievement of its set goals and objectives. In this regard, each and every organization usually develops and implements its own management concepts. Generally, there are four fundamental functions of management which helps the organization in handling the tactical, planned, and set decisions.

It is however critical that each of the four functions of management be having a controlled plan over the preventive measure. This paper shall give an elaborate discussion of the four key functions of management. Management: In a conventional sense, the term management has been used to mean an array of activities that are involved in carrying out the four main functions of management which include planning, organizing, leading/directing and coordinating of resources. The four functions of management are known to recur in the organization and are highly integrated.

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Management is not only important to business entities but also to the society as a whole as it is one of the most significant human activities. During the early 20th century, a French mining engineer, Henri Fayol, came up with a theoretical conceptualization of the functions of management in which he proposed the basic and underlying principles of management. His theoretical framework, better known as Fayolism, became to be appreciated as the cornerstone of the management functions. In the modern world, the management functions have been identified as planning, organizing, leading, and controlling (Ramos, 2010).

The Four Functions of Management: The four functions of management are very critical to the smooth functioning of the organization. Though managers carry out various responsibilities including management of staff, operational tasks and carrying out strategic responsibilities, success would only be realizable when the four functions are well executed. Management is associated with different tasks but only the effective application of the fur fundamental functions of management would guarantee the smooth and effective running of the organization (Ramos, 2010).

Planning is the basic function of management. Planning is the most critical function in management and that it requires the administration to carry out evaluations of the present state of the organization and provide a blueprint for the future. This provides a base from which the necessary course of action would be taken in attaining the organization’s goals and objectives. Planning however is a continuous process due to the ever-changing business environment. There are various factors that may affect the organization either from external or internal sources and this call for strategic planning.

Strategic planning involves the critical analysis of the internal and external factors that may affect the organization’s set objectives and goals (Pakhare, 2010). My organization has developed a strategic plan to be one of the leading cloths makers in the world. The company observes the changing trends in fashions and quickly adapts to the changes in the fashion industry to achieve its objectives. Organizing is yet another function performed by the management team. Organization means getting prepared and well organized.

In organizing, management has to ensure that all the resources of the organization are organized for the smooth functioning of the organization. Business is all about people and this involves various aspects including how to handle them, influence them and persuade them. An outstanding human resource is the dream of every manager and is essential for the success of the organization. Organizing may involve long and stressful screening and to some extent bargaining process.

In addition to hiring decisions, organizing also involves disseminating relevant business information, division of work, and allocating the economic resources in a proper manner (Ramos, 2010). My organization carries out this function in an elaborate way by ensuring that the right individuals are recruited to the company while observing the legal framework regarding employment. Leading or directing is another crucial function performed by managers and it involves controlling and supervising the activities of the staff.

Directing is aimed at helping the staff achieve the organizational goals as well as helping the staff realize their individual and career goals. Employee motivation plays a crucial role in achieving this managerial function as it results in a productive working environment (Pakhare, 2010). My organization achieves this function by offering rewarding the employees based on performance and also there is an established communication channel within the organization in which the management listens to the employee voices.

This has ensured positive interpersonal relationship between the management and the staff. Lastly, the other basic function is controlling which entails the establishment of performance standards geared towards the objectives of the organization. This involves the evaluation and report on the actual job performance and comparing it with the set goals of the organization. In case of considerable deviations, the management has to indulge in activities that would bring the performance of the organization back on track.

Controlling involves monitoring, comparing, and correcting the performance of the organization (Javed, 2009). My organization carries out this function with a lot of dedication considering that the fashion industry keeps changing. When the company is seen as not achieving the set goals, management has to quickly assess the situation and provide proposals for correcting where necessary. Conclusion: The management functions are the fundamentals of every organization.

When the management is able to carry out these functions then the success of the organization is guaranteed and vice-versa. The success of any organization is measured in terms of how effective and efficient is the organization able to achieve its set goals and objectives. This entails that the management functions should be geared towards creative problem-solving functionality. Management has also to aspire to accomplish the organizational goals also ensure that the goals are feasible for the organization. Reference: Javed, R. , (2009).

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