Liz’s Transformational Leadership Style and Communication Weaknesses

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In the introduction video, Liz outlines the mission as being an "online entertainments company that sales primary music and books with the intention of branching out to online gaming and e books". LIZ does a good Job by defining the mission at its most basic level and making it clear. Transformational Leadership "is the ability to get people to want to change, Improve. And to be led. (Morehouse, 2001 r' Liz uses Transformational Leadership as a great strength when trying to convey her ideas of online gaming to her directing management team.

She was able to motivate them to commit to her vision, and encourage innovation/creativity through challenging the normal beliefs of the group. Liz weakness Is her Inability to effectively communicate with the production staff members. She chose the time to tell them about an important new initiative of online gaming while walking to a meeting. This meeting should have been an opportunity to introduce her new idea, open the floor to her associates for their input, needs and values on this project. Instead she made them question the timeline of the project and feel disenfranchised.

Motivation plans a valuable role in any organization. It is a trait that should be Instilled In every member of Congo despite their designation or responsibilities. Warren shows strength with his ability to outline the talent and possibility of growth room within his department with the new online gaming Imitative. He looking for ways to increase his team motivation by developing internal talent, empowering his team to do what is best for the organization while Increasing revenue and market growth for the organization.

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Warren also does a great job with team motivation with his team by assigning roles, seeking their opinion through reporting and allowing their contribution to play a role in the decision making process. Warren should try using Job rotation. Job rotation Is the "practice as the periodic shifting of an employee room one task to another. "(Robbins, PIG. 73) Warren's team seemed to fall into the same roles within their group. By practicing rotation, this will allow them to do other lobs and challenge themselves with new responsibilities.

I recommend Congo try to understand individual's strengths and weakness and how these strengths and weakness affect the person within a team. All while building the teams self esteem. Human Resource within the Congo organization can have a remarkable impact across all other functions, If is positions itself as a leader and partner In the business. Maria head of HER as aligned herself as a key player within the senior management team. She has done a great Job outlining the staffing needs and policy 1 OFF developing and a defined performance appraisal.

She may have isolated Nick by blowing off his ideas in the group and team vignette. Maria must recognize Nicks radical behavior/characteristics and be skilful enough to allow him to be himself as long as he has a positive contribution to the team. In another situation she suggests him as a candidate for a promotion. At last, the appraisal. Warren should have had he tools to Judge, weather Nick had the skills and qualities to do his Job effectively. Instead, Nick left the meeting feeling like he has done a great Job with his performance.

In reality, Nick has a lot of work to do as to his contribution to Congo I recommend Congo provide a clear developing plan that "clearly communicate the organization's goals and future strategies along with time for employees to learn a new position, and establish a formal performance . "(Robbins, PIG. 253) Organization structure is "how Job tasks are formally divided, grouped and coordinated. "(Robbins, PIG. 11) Liz uses the Initiating Structure, "refers to the extent to which a leader is likely to define and structure his or her role and those of subordinates in the search for goal attainment. (Robbins, PIG. 158) Congo does a great Job outlining their department. They use differentiations by grouping people by functions performed. The strengths in departmental is having the expertise in within your department. Everyone on the team seems to have similar ideas and thoughts. Maybe, Congo can implement a team structure. This will allow a representative from all five departments to share ideas and "decentralized decision aging to the level of the work team. "(Robbins, PIG. 220) The current environment is a relaxed structure.

Liz wants to implement a formal culture with the upcoming Initial Public Offering. The strength of the current culture has been great moral and enthusiasms. This has lead to growth and expansion for Congo. As Congo embark on a new formal culture. This Culture change can bring turnover in leadership. I recommend Liz to take into consideration of the demographic of her team when applying culture change. "Culture change is more likely to take if the organization is both young and small. "(Robbins, PIG. 239)

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