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My Strengths and Weaknesses in Communication Skills

Within daily life, we are constantly communicating with the people around us. This reflective writing will shed some light onto some of my strengths and weaknesses in four different categories. They include public speaking, verbal communication, nonverbal communication, and communication through technology. My strengths in public speaking …

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My Strengths and Weaknesses Helps Me Achieve My Goals

Life is skill that we are taught at an early age. Around nine months babies are able to understand simple words and phrases like “bye” and “no-no”. After that, they begin to start taking their first steps and are walking by the time they are …

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Identification of My Strengths and Weaknesses While at the Workplace, University, and Home

Strengths and weaknesses are inherent in everyone. An individuals’ personality, environment and relationships can have an impact on, and be influenced by, strength and weaknesses of character. According to Stone (2014), an understanding and awareness of these traits can improve our interactions throughout our daily …

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My Role, Responsibility, Strength, and Knowledge as a Graphics Designer

Desktop publishing has brought me to an understanding of my role as a graphics designer in the presentation of information. A graphics designer is tasked with the responsibility of collecting information including photos and images, typology and collection of arts to be used in the …

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A Personal Assessment of Strengths and Competencies

In taking the selected self-assessments, the results gave a great guidance to my overall personality and helped relate my strengths to my current career path. Usually I feel I have a high sense of self-awareness, and understand who and how I am in most situations …

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The Five Categories of My Personality

Everyone in the world has his or her own unique personality type and traits. There are innumerable possibilities and combinations. While I numerous personality traits, I have chosen five categories in which to describe my personality. These five categories are Response Style, Relating to others, …

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The Story of My Life, My Early Years and My Time at Temple University

I was born five weeks prematurely by cesarian section to an Indian mother and an Irish/French father in a predominantly white suburb. If asked, my father would say I was small enough to fit in the palm of his hand, my mother would say that …

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The Different Accounting Experiences That Will Fuel Me to Success

When I decided to transfer my major from Statistics to Accounting, most of my classmates and friends could not understand my choice. In their eyes, moving on to obtain actuary qualifications is a perfect career path upon graduation with a degree in statistics. However, after …

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An Evaluation of Myself Through Discussion of My Weaknesses

I have always possessed the intrinsic motivation to learn, particularly when it comes to psychology. Since late elementary and early middle school, I have been eager to learn about what drives people to do the things they do. My freshman year of high school when …

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A Personal Statement Letter for Enrolling into Healthcare College Programs

His hand was no longer holding onto mine. My grandfather, the one I always looked up to, was lying lifeless on the floor. It was late in the afternoon on October 7, 2009, when he took his last breath. It started off as a severe …

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