My Strengths and Weaknesses Helps Me Achieve My Goals

Last Updated: 21 Apr 2023
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Life is skill that we are taught at an early age. Around nine months babies are able to understand simple words and phrases like "bye" and "no-no". After that, they begin to start taking their first steps and are walking by the time they are 13 to 14 months of age. From the beginning of life, our parents teach us basic skills and naturally, as you mature, their lessons become even more important. Some of my greatest strengths and weakness come from my beloved family members with some of the biggest hearts. Having a positive concept of yourself helps better create goals and achieve them.

Growing up on the South Side of Chicago has taught me more lessons of how to be a man than I can count on two hands. My whole life I watched my mom work daily to give me everything I wanted, making sure I was always happy and comfortable. Seeing this hard work definitely left a huge impact on my life today. Weather its music, schoolwork, or my job, I always make sure to do everything to the best of my ability. I did not always have a strong work ethic and had to learn what that meant. At one point, I would constantly fall through on agreements because I was so wrapped up in making money for myself that I didn't realize that's not what my mom does. Now, I make sure I keep my promises and take care of people that depend on me.

Another strength I pride myself in having are my planning skills. When it comes to family events in particular, there is one person in my family that does all of it. From family gatherings, to engagements to even family vacations, my great grandmother always puts together outstanding events. She explained to me why she enjoyed doing this despite all the stress it gave her. The most important part of the events she plans is the chance for everyone to be together.

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She constantly emphasized the power and importance of family so much that I began to understand her sacrifice. Both my mother and my grandmother have the biggest hearts I've ever met. These women have sacrificed almost their entire lives to make sure those around them were always well taken care of and you never saw them sweat nor heard them complain. Taking care of people was a calling for them and it became important that I carry on their legacy. Interestingly enough, each of my weaknesses shares a relationship with my strengths. Unfortunately, no one is perfect, and my weaknesses are a direct reflection of that statement.

As I said previously, I did not always have a strong work ethic and that it was something I had to learn overtime. There is one habit I have not yet been able to out grow and that is procrastination. Back when I first began high school I was never good at starting assignments early or turning them in on time. I missed numerous points due to the fact that didn't turn work in on time because I would start late. Another thing I struggle with is my timing. I have a very big heart but I sometimes forget to extend that kindness to those surrounding me. I tend to build a wall to prevent being hurt, so much so that I forget to see the good things someone, or something, has to offer after everything's done.

I have always promised myself when I become more well-off I would make sure those around me were always taken care of. Chicago natives like Chance the Rapper, Common and Kanye West have all gone back to support there home. Days before the election Chance marched with thousands of young adults to poles for early voting and afterwards he performed a concert for them. Common has created the Common Ground Foundation to aid in providing for the homeless and hungry. Finally, Kanye donated money to a children's hospital in downtown Chicago. Just like these loved rappers, I plan to take care of my city and those who's in it.

The biggest dream of mine is to be loved by my entire city. I plan to be one of the few from Chicago that are actually involved and active and try to help end the war on gun violence. I wish to be someone kids look up to and someone even adults admire. It is important for me to become this celebrated individual because it means I fulfilled every goal I've dreamed of. This future me will be a successful, bright and selfless. Thanks to the high standards my mother and grandmother told me I am ready to be successful. I have dreams and goals that require I am the best me that I can be at all times.

In my opinion, it is important to go back to your city to help how you can whenever you can. When you are able to selflessly give to your community, it shows appreciation for how far you've come and how far you plan to go. In order for me to have the financial flexibility to help those around me more I must begin to set goals for myself and stick with them. My first goal would be to graduate from North Carolina A&T State University with a bachelor's degree in Business Marketing with a concentration of sales. I hope to have a job or internship walking off the stage so I start immediately.

When all is considered, your weaknesses can only be a roadblock to yourself if you allow them to dictate your life. In contrast with being loved by my entire city I am afraid people will forget me. As a reminder, I plan to graduate college, but if I don't I am afraid of how life would be after that. What I am afraid of happening is letting my procrastination get the best of me to the point that I drop out of school. If I drop out of school there would be a downward spiral of chaos from then on. Because I didn't graduate from college I believe that I would become someone who doesn't take good care of themselves nor do they care what happens to them.

It is important for me to not become this person because I have people that are depending on me to succeed. Although my mom went to college I am her only child so I have a duty to do well in life. Managing time is an important skill that needs to be understood before there can be an end to procrastination. It is important to find a method to keep track of time and to better schedule. Understanding where certain traits come from is an interesting way of bettering yourself and they way you do things.

When you critically analyze why you do certain things the results will intrigue you. I was able to examine my behavior and my family's contribution to it. Their unconditional love and support remained strong during my entire growing experience. Both my strengths and weaknesses have been important when considering the type of person I want to become. In comparison, when I viewed my weaknesses I was able to determine the type of person I am afraid of becoming and what I need to do to ensure I don't become that person.

With some difficulty I was able to examine who I am, who I want to become, and how I'm going to get there. After acknowledging my weaknesses I began to realize my fears and troubles were only thoughts prohibiting me from succeeding. Fortunately because of my age I have time to improve what I don't like about myself. I am more available for myself because I value myself and my own opinion.

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