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Change of places can be for a good or bad reason, but in my case was for the best for our family. Most couples, when thinking about divorcing are worried about their children, because everyone knows that divorce have some effects in children's. In my opinion divorce is about loss and change. When my parents divorced it was hard for my younger brother and l. But was a change for the best of everyone. We moved to Hidalgo. Around this change of place, as result of my parents' divorce, everything has changed, a new place to live, a new school and we had to grow up emotionally faster.

My life as many peoples had good and difficult times, but I have learned about life struggles. I was sixteen years old when my parents divorced. One night, my brother was in his room, and I was in the kitchen. Our parents told us to come and sit down in the living room. They had to told us something. We all were sit in the room, my Mom said " your Dad and I ", my Dad interrupted her, " are getting divorce". We were in shock. The next day my Mom told me that we had to move. She decided to come here, because we can get a better education here.

We came like three times in a onto for shopping, and, to visit my aunts. But it was not the same. We had lived all of our lives in Mexico, so it was a huge change for us. At the time, when we came from Mexico, we were a little family: my Mom, my little Brother and l. It was hard because we did not have a stable place to live, we stayed with our aunt while my Mom found a place to live. Every day my Mom was out looking for an apartment or house to rent. This experience was completely new for us, we had our own house In Mexico, but my parents decided to sale the house, when they divorced.

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After a peoples of months; finally, my Mom found an apartment of two rooms. The first couple of months were the most difficult for us. We got in a new school, without knowing English. My brother and l, took SSL classes to help us to master the language. Every day when I came back from school to our new apartment which had no furniture. At that time It was only my Mom working to pay the bills without any help from my Dad, so we did not had too much In our little apartment , only the basics. As many teenagers we wanted everything. My brother was fourteen years old, so he cannot work at the time.

I was sixteen years, so I decided to look for a Job to be able to buy my personal stuffs; I got a Job in an import and export agency as secretary. After six months, my little family was more stable in all terms, but my Mom got some eye problems, so she was obligated stop working. As the oldest in my little family I had to change my part time Job for a full time Job to support them, at this point, when I changed the house obligations with my Mom, I stopped to see my family that little. My Mom said "sorry for give you this responsibility at this age" I felt myself onto a tornado, this experience was totally new.

I learned to never give up at any change. I had to grow up more quickly, be mature to distinguish the good from the bad. Sometimes, I felt sad, because I want to party with my friends from school, but I had to work a full time Job on weekends, pay bills, drive my Mom to her appointments not give up in his studies. After all, in my Junior year I noticed that if I had finish with my credits I will have the chance to leave early instead of pm in my senior year, it was like a little motivation for me to get better in school and never give up, as my mom said " hard work always pays off'.

Finally, I went to my senior year, I did all my credits, so I change my schedule to have more time. I get experience in import/export and brokers in my first Job, so I applied in a new agency as broker consultant, I get the Job and a raise too. Through, this years was a lot of stress for me have two Jobs, school and the responsibility of support my little family, at the time I was too busy thinking about my new responsibilities that I did not remember about my parents' divorce and the change of place. I accepted the changes.

And now I had done with my high school, and still in college with new opportunities to face. Around this change I had to work for my family and my goals, everything was new, no body say, it was easy changing places, but my family did it. We changed of place for a better life, not for the reason we wanted but no matter if are good or bad the reason, the importance is to pick the good from the bad. Instead, I am an independent women, and I am making my Mom proud of me. From this change I realized that no matter how bad something seems you will always like the results at the end.

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