Girl Against the Jungle Personal Response

Last Updated: 20 Apr 2022
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The plane crashed and Juliann was thrown out into the open air. She lost conscious senses. There were moments where I really admired Julienne. Even though she was 10 SST in the Amazon Jungle, she still remained calm and determined. When she woke up a after the explosion, she was alone, she had no despair and had no fear. She looked are undo calmly and was ready to find a way out of the jungle. In the next day, she was badly sunburned and was attacked by many mosquitoes and horse flies, but she did don't care, he was determined, she continued to think that there will be a way out. She reminded calm and was not disheartened by the fact that she was not seen by the plane that just flew past. I was really surprised on what she was thinking. Sometimes I actually wonder how Julienne survives everything. She fell 2 mile s off the sky and had injuries. A bone was sticking out from beneath her neck.

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