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General: Accounts Receivable and Cash

Use the information in each of the following separate cases to calculate the unknown amount: During October, Shandra Company had $97,500 of cash receipts and $101,250 of cash disbursements. The October 31 Cash balance was $16,800. Determine how much cash the company had at the …

BusinessFinanceJournal Entry
Words 470
Pages 2
Individual Journal Entry

Introduction: There are several concepts that are important for consideration when engaging in business. Thus, the subsequent lectures discuss the importance and relevance of various concepts such as the importance of intellectual property rights and whether they are effective, the reasons for becoming an entrepreneur …

EntrepreneurshipInnovationJournal Entry
Words 3699
Pages 15
Double Entry Journal Example

“Moushumi wonders how long she will live her life in trappings of student hood in spite of the fact that she is a married woman that she’s as far along in her studies as she is that Nikhil has a respectable if not terribly lucrative …

Journal Entry
Words 1197
Pages 5
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On Course Journal Entry

Dick Gregory, The Memoir of Dick Gregory by. Dick Gregory, Slavery by Another Name by. Douglas A. Blackman, The Autobiography of Malcolm X by. Alex Haley, and Stolen Legacy just to name a few. I also watched documentaries; Hidden Colors 1-3 and Dark Girls. I …

Journal Entry
Words 973
Pages 4
Journal Entry – A Clockwork Orange

Journal Entry #3 – A Clockwork Orange Burgess’ novel, A Clockwork Orange, carries many themes prevalent to the time- period of the novel’s release. In a futuristic city governed by a repressive totalitarian super-state, humans have become machines or lower animals. The main protagonist of …

Clockwork OrangeJournal Entry
Words 506
Pages 3
Journal Entry Critical Analysis

Wing evolution has been a highly debated topic in insects. Wings play a crucial role for insects since they are used to assist with collecting food, migration, fleeing from predators, and many other activities. There are three main theories that have been thoroughly researched to …

AnimalsJournal Entry
Words 379
Pages 2
Journal Entry African American

Journal Entry of a Subordinate Group Member June 18th, 1963 Hello my precious unborn child. I am not really sure where to begin. The doctor is saying that I might not make it through this pregnancy but they will make sure you live to see …

African AmericanJournal EntrySlavery
Words 955
Pages 4
The Lord of the Flies Journal Entry Chapter 2

Entry II: Day 1 Today’s events have left me thinking a bit. After we got back from exploring the island, Ralph assembled another meeting to spread our new discoveries. We realized everyone would not stop talking at once, so Ralph decided that whoever holds the …

Journal EntryLord of the Flies
Words 330
Pages 2
Journal Entry of to Kill a Mockingbird

Dear Diary, Damn I hate school! To be honest “I never looked forward more to anything in my life”, but everything went wrong. My teacher is Ms. Caroline Fisher. I don’t think she’s more than twenty-two. “She … wore a red-and-white-striped dress. She looked and …

Journal EntryTo Kill a Mockingbird
Words 609
Pages 3
Journal Entry 11 and 9 Oncourse

Journal Entry #11 In this activity, you will create a personal affirmation. If you repeat your affirmation often, it will help you make choices that will strengthen the personal qualities needed to achieve your goals and dreams. 1. Write a one-sentence statement of one of …

CompassionJournal EntryMotivation
Words 944
Pages 4
Story About a New Museum

On the news there was a story about a new museum being opened up in the American South that depicts the belief in creationism instead of evolution. Basically, this museum depicts human beings being created by God alongside dinosaurs and does not recognize that the …

BeliefCorporationsCreationismDiscriminationJournal EntryReligion
Words 1272
Pages 6
Drama Journal Entry

Wk6 Assign: Project 1 – Journal – Drama Part II 1. What is your reaction to this week’s play: “Fences”? My reaction is that Troy Maxson has made a lot of mistakes in his life, but finally has settled on the right track. He has …

Journal Entry
Words 317
Pages 2
Double Entry Journal for Chocolat (Joanne Harris) Chapters 15-18

Harris uses this metaphor “the dandelions are spreading their bitter leaves… soon they will be in bloom,” to represent the gypsies and how their presence will cause chaos in Reynaud’s town. I find Harris’s metaphor interesting because it does truly relate to the gypsies. In …

Journal Entry
Words 128
Pages 1


What is a journal entry example?
You can use these examples as an example: Sales--income which you take from sales. Accounts Receivable--money owed. Cash receipts--money that you've earned.

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