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In my opinion, one of the activities has a positive impact on the work ethic that is voluntary. Every year, I participate in volunteer activities each summer or in the spare time. My friend and I have organized the charity work; participate in community activities and work actively to protect the environment.

We have organized clubs such as teaching charity for poor children who cannot afford to go to school in the neighboring provinces, building compassion for the poor and gatherings were held on special occasions particularly for children(such as mid-autumn festival and international children's day). We build and do many activities such as selling newspapers, books, souvenirs handmade and sale them. All benefits in the activities will be contributed to buying your textbooks for poor students learn.

These Jobs helped me more pleasure, relieve the stress of learning hours at school, and bring Joy to your child. In addition, I am also actively involved in environmental protection which is energy saving, waste sorting, k littering in public places. Keeping the environment green and clean more. It's Just little things, but it also contributes to the reduction of illiteracy rate in Vietnam, help for the poor people who are stagnated, they have to earn their living hard to get the food out daily. In volunteering, I remember that activity "the exam season" and "Relay to school. It is an organization of volunteer team: consultants, candidates and help the candidates about where to eat, stay, and travel, venues and guide to the exam registration process, keeping participants security and order, traffic safety in college entrance exam scores at the school. And organize activities "to the 2013 Relay" with the contents: admissions guidelines; selected industries, consulting, search the motel, etc to support the students; first-year students enter the school. I think that volunteer activities are an activity most meaningful to me.

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Because, volunteer activities are not only helped me develop professional competence, wisdom and his zeal to contribute to the economic development of culture and society in a number of localities, but also through the activities volunteer promote the collection, solidarity, education and the environment to students, give students the knowledge, practical approach, trained public relations capacity, the main character and bravery treatment to best meet operational needs social needs education of youth and adult students.

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