Women Should Be Treated Equally as Men

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If we look back throughout history, women have been treated as a minority everywhere. There have not been many female leaders that have overcome the equality between men and women and made great strides towards different areas such as political, sports and education. In the Bible, Galatians 3:28 says "There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one is Christ Jesus. ". This makes it clear that at everybody and everything is equal, at least in the eyes of God.

Unfortunately, there is still a margin of inequality between the sexes today and so the revolution continues. Over the generations, women have always been confined to the perimeters of their home, or worst their kitchens. Since the pre- historic times, women have always been home-makers, while the men are considered to be the hunters, or in modern terms, the breadwinners that put the food on the table. Since then women are to be considered as the weaker sex. The greatest achievement that they get is being a good wife of a man. Luke 10:39 tells us about Mary, who sat at the Lord Jesus' feet, listening to what he said.

This was a position of student to a teacher in ancient time, the equivalent of college attendance today. So Mary was doing something quiet shocking and radical. She was appropriating a role normally reserved only for man, since it was thought only men could receive a higher education while women were supposed to stick to their role as home-makers. However, Jesus, instead of rebuking Mar's desire of intellectual and spiritual advancement, encourages her and supports her. He sees her as being equal to men in her desire and capacity for knowledge. Women are usually looked down because of their lack of physical strength.

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As the saying goes don't Judge a book by its cover. Women are actually talented in many ways. Binary Bout, Margaret Thatcher, Julia Gaillardia, Nadir Gandhi, Among San Sue Sky are women that achieved things in politics. The old adage "Behind every successful man is a woman" holds strong as well. Throughout history, women have been the encouraging force behind their husbands. In 1757, wealthy widow Martha Dandier Cutis married George Washington, and her background of meaner financed his military and political career. Something special is needed to be done if you want to prove something, but opportunities must be given for that to happen.

Women are given less opportunities to show their talents. It is a norm girls to not get enrolled to higher education those days and it is still happening in the rural places. They will get married when they finish their high school or even when they reach 15 years old and their life ends doing chores in the house and carrying the responsibilities as a wife and a mother. Women are not allowed to have their own opinions as men ego's high as the sky and tend to shrug off women's opinion by refusing to take their opinion inconsideration.

In the year 2011, USA Today reported that two women, Heather Breech of the pharmaceutical firm Mylar and Virginia Roomette of IBM will succeed their predecessor as their respective companies Coos. Roomette succeed Sam Palomino, making her the first female CEO in the company's 100-year history. With the 500 companies in the year 2012. Fast forward to the present, there are now a total of 21 women Coos in Fortune 500 companies, which makes up for 4. 2 percent of Fortune 500 companies' CEO positions. Whereas, in the Fortune 1000 companies, there are 25 women Coos which makes up for 4. Percent of Fortune 1000 companies' CEO positions. When you take a good look at these numbers, it is astounding to realize that even in this era of globalization and gender equality, the corporate world is still a man dominated world. The boardroom is generally a man's playground and the number women who cross the threshold is still scarce. Why does this happen? Well, as I mentioned earlier, the boardroom is where men hold court. For years and years, it has been the exclusive club for men. Male Coos are succeeded by their male underlings and this has been the norm. Why you may ask.

I think we can attribute this phenomenon to "the all-boy network". Employers are more likely to groom employees who have similar attributes to them to be their successors. Therefore, male employers more than often tend to have male proto©g©s as they feel a deeper connection and are more comfortable. It is not often a male employer looks at a woman employee and thinks "l see a younger version of myself in her". And the general notion that women do not make good leaders as they lack assertiveness and managerial skills does not help to boost women's numbers in the corporate world.

This leads to world-wide phenomenon- the glass ceiling effect. The glass ceiling effect is defined as an intangible barrier within a hierarchy that prevents women or minorities from obtaining upper-level positions. It is a phenomenon whereby a woman who has the same abilities and talents has a much slower rate at progressing through the corporate ladder compared to a man. The overall labor market is mostly segregated by sex where women executives are concentrated into certain types of jobs - mostly staff and support Jobs - that offer little opportunity for getting to the top.

A 1986 Wall Street Journal survey found "The highest ranking women in most industries are in non-operating areas such as personnel, public relations, or, occasionally, finance specialties that seldom lead to the most powerful top- management posts. " Women are locked out of Jobs in the "business mainstream," the route taken by Coos and presidents. But even when women can get a line Job, it is not likely to be "in a crucial part of the business" or the type of Job that can "mark them as leaders. " (quoted from : http://www. Feminist. Org/research/business/ ebb_glass. HTML ). Women are not considered to be policy makers and more than often relegated to parts of business that keeps them out of the boardroom thus mulling any chances of them becoming Coos or COOS of their companies. Besides glass ceiling, mommy track is also contributing factor as to why women are not considered for top positions in their companies. Mommy track is defined as a career path determined by work arrangements offering mothers certain benefits, such as flexible hours, but usually providing them with fewer opportunities for advancement.

Women who are in the mommy track situation more than often take themselves out f the running, settling for lower-level positions with more predictable hours and less responsibility. Everyday women are subjects of some sort of abuse - domestic abuse in their homes and objects of sexual harassment in their workplaces. Even in these modern days, we still hear and read stories of women beaten by their brought shame to the family is deemed not worthy of living. They are abused, tortured and killed by their husbands, their in-laws or worst by their own family members.

According to United Nations (UN) statistics, more than 5,000 women and girls are murdered every year in the name of honor killings across the world. It is completely horrifying to know that women around the world are being slaughtered for completely ridiculous reasons. For an example, the case of Nor Baser and Nor She's, aged 15 and 16, who were gunned down alongside their mother by their step brother because they were filmed dancing in the rain. These girls were thought to have brought great dishonor and shame for allowing themselves to be filmed.

Abuse also happens in the workplace for women. Women are more often subjected to sexual harassments by their male employers or their male counterparts. Many en do not know what qualifies as sexual harassment and might do this unwittingly. But some forms of harassment are more prevalent. For an example, physical sexual harassment that includes distasteful action such as touching of an intimate body part, patting, pinching, stroking, brushing up against the body, hugging, kissing, fondling and sexual assault.

This type of harassment makes the working environment uncomfortable for women and more than often nothing is done to eradicate these problems. Besides that, women could also be coerced to trade in sexual favors with her employers for career advancement. One of the reason why women should be treated in a parallel way with men is because women prejudiced against another women. As an example, a woman who has broken the glass ceiling than often might not hold out a helping hand to another women who is struggling too. This happens when a women begins to be quite Judgmental towards another women.

A senior manager might tend to look at the struggling Junior manager as not worthy and has not bring any good impacts in the future of the company. Besides that, the all boys network had been another reason why a women prejudiced against another women. A senior position women might be the only high position female in the band of brotherhood, so she tends to be like one of the boys and she has to play by their rules. Women that are highly educated, independent and assertive could be considered as egoistic, conceited and self-absorbed by another women.

Women with high position tends to be working or acting like a men when they are in the office. They are more likely to behave like a men's personality, as these traits are more generally associated with men. When something bad happens, like harassment, abuse or rape, the victims especially women will be caused, blamed and are noninsured to deserved it as it was her fault. Women which is not in fault sometimes will be accused on doing what they did not do. This should not happen because it is not good when someone is being treated one-sided.

Women should be treated the same way as men because they also has the rights to not being caused by another person or men. We must be equal towards two gender and not by Just accusing women because they have their rights too. Women should be treated parallel to men because there should not be any one-sided treat against another gender as we are all humans. There should be equality between two genders. Besides that, women should be treated in a parallel way with men because women are more emotional than men.

Women tends to allow emotions to rule over them more than often take due to their role as a mother and wife in the home. The differences between men and women are that women do not think like men. Women decision making skills are more doubtful because most of the time they could be overcome with emotions and more often do not make a clear headed decision in life. Women sometimes become too involved and find it hard to be more impartial like their male counterparts. Women are more emotionally effected rather than men.

As an example women will not be able to concentrate on their work when they have emotional problem which is vice versa compared to men. Men do not let their emotions control them when they are working. Liability in the corporate world, when a women gives birth too child, she will automatically burdened with dual responsibilities. She has to work double the effort to raise the child. When a women has to work and take care of her children she will not be able to do all the work and this will definitely affects her output in the courier.

Women cannot do multi-tasking like men. Women mostly can only do one thing at a time not like men, men can do multi-tasking because men are more optimistic than women. Women with high applicability might be able to stand the pressure in work life and in the home. She might be able to take care of their children and she also knows how to keep her work done neatly. The equality between gender should be handle or treated equally as it will not be one-sided problem solving. This is very important because one-sided problem solving will not assure an equality in solving problems.

In short, women could make good sections and are not overcome with emotions as they are pictured. Emotions do not make people bad leaders butt helps them to be empathetic and sympathetic of others' plights and this in turn helps them to make better decisions. A career woman who is also a wife and a mother do not automatically have a lower output at work. Employers play an important role in this. An accommodating employer will find themselves with a good employee. But unfortunately, more than often, new mothers are pressurized by their employers that sometimes the women are left to choose either career or family.

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