What I Learned from My Stock Market Simulation Experience

Last Updated: 17 Aug 2022
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What I Learned From My Stock Market Simulation Experience The stock market simulation has been a wonderful experience for me as a student in economics and as a person in today’s society. Knowledge gained in this project will give me the advantage to wisely choose the correct stock when I start investing my own money into the stock market. Different aspects of the simulation provided innovative and diverse ideas to propel me familiarity further into the grand realm of economics.

When first assigned with the project I struggled a little on how best to allocate my funds into the best companies that would steady gain and gain through out the ten week period. Honestly I think I made a wise decision and used a financial advisor, Shibs, on which stocks seem to be rising in the troubled times we are in. With that aid I was able to deduce that WFC, JNJ, and XLF would produce the best results in the time given. Taking that step and using an outside source to assist in the determination of stocks is a fine example of everyday situations.

As always I found a way to express my individuality by seeing that eBay would give me an extra boost in standings with its ever climbing ascension. In looking for research I found out more on other companies that affected mine including my own; this gave me a broader view on where and how fast the market was going. Those articles also provided information on how the different companies I had invested in functioned; I learned that each company is more that meets the eye.

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Those clues provided insight in how fear and greed can sway the market back and forth resembling a see-saw never balancing but going good one minute to falling down the next. Besides that insight I learned a very valuable lesson in how one little paragraph in a article can make all hell break loose; it seems that when some hear just one little phrase they start running around like chickens with their heads cut off and making dumb mistakes left and right. Most of all, I learned that patience wins out and that the slow risers in the stock market will be out the day trades.

In putting together this binder I also learned some things about investing and the mechanics of the stock market. One thing was that keeping order among all the essays, articles, graphs, and what not helped keep track of different trends in the various sectors that I had invested in. Also watching how my classmates invested and where they ended up in the rankings gave me the opportunity to see where different tactics succeeded or flopped around doing nothing. Finally, writing this essay gave me the chance to peel back the different layers of the stock market and how my investments truly benefitted.

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