Enlightenment Vs Romanticism

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Enlightenment vs. Romanticism The enlightenment was an 18th century movement that emphasized reason to change society and advance knowledge. The enlightenment changed how people all over Europe, and later North America, thought about religion, hierarchy, monarchy, and science. People began to question the church and there was a loss of unity in the Christian church. It was a time in which people began to think more about themselves without the influence of the government and their church. The enlightenment brought an age of rational, scientific and secular thinking. The

Enlightenment resulted in greater freedom and more humane treatment for all individuals as well as the scientific process. Romanticism was an artistic and intellectual movement that originated in late 18th century. It emphasized on individual's expression of emotions and imagination. Some people see it as the opening to modernity and others see it as the as the beginning of a tradition of resistance to the enlightenment. I see Romanticism as the new movement for cultural and aesthetic values and the rise of individualism. The way I understand it, enlightenment is more about basic morality and knowledge.

Romanticism is more self-oriented, more about self-discovery. If I had to choose to which side I favor the most I'd go with the enlightenment because I believe more about that man are created equal and that education is important. However I can also favor romanticism because I believe every individual deserves freedom but also need to follow the rules so that we can be an orderly society. Hollywood Censored During the sass to sass moral censorship guidelines were established for many films produced by major studios in the United States.

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During the early sass there ere numerous of films that were morally questionable because they contained hardcore words, mature subject, and sexually suggestive dialogue. This lead to the creation of the motion picture production code, which established a series of restrictions to the production of films in the US. The church had to get involved on this subject because they were scared that their people would be morally hit. They turned in a list of the things that had to be restricted in the studios. Many of the restrictions were implemented because the studios didn't want the government to intervene.

Many films even promoted traditional values that crime and sexual elation's were not attractive. Films showed that crimes had to be punished. Like in the movie surface the producers had to change the ending multiple times, the character was brought into trial at last. The studios worked under code for several decades until the sass when explicit films started appearing again and then in 1968 the code was dismissed and a new way of classifying films was established such as G for general, M for mature, and so on. I believe that the code was a good way to minimize crime because I think violent movies do a commit crimes. T us and make individual

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