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Last Updated: 06 Jul 2020
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Freedom Writers Reflection The movie “Freedom Writers” has many differences and similarities between various cultures. In Mrs. G’s classroom there are several mixed cultures and gangs in the class. Each of the cultures sit with what is their culture and gang. None of the cultures communicate with each other but only talk about one another and how much they hate each culture that is not their own. Each individual in the classroom has to deal with his or her own problems outside of school and home.

For example Ava has to deal with a shooting that happened at a gas station with her father. She knows that her dad and his gang did it but the cops think that another black man in the gas station did it. She has to go on trial and tell her story of what she saw. In the end she tells on her father and she almost dies because what she did was disrespectful to her and her fathers gang. Even though the gangs and cultures don’t see eye to eye in the movie they all have things in common.

They are all in gangs, each have their own stories to tell, each deal with the shooting of others and their friends, each want to communicate to others, and each want to be respected. Not a single person believes in these students except Mrs. G and Ms. Gies. When the students get to meet Ms. Gies they each get to listen to her story and each of theme realize that they can communicate and get along with other cultures no matter skin color, gang member, or even past history. Each student wants to share this with other students and other cultures and Ms.

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Gies can see this and she knows that the students will eventually tell their story and reach out to others. That these students are heroes willing to step out of the comfort zone and go beyond others. That is why they are heroes in her eyes. On the other hand there is the department of chair and honors teacher whom doesn’t believe in these students. They don’t understand the different culture and gangs. They only believe in their culture. They think that each culture is the same and that is that each student is dumb and will end up dropping out of high school or be dead.

They don’t think that these students are worth anything. The main person that does believe in theses students are Ms. G. she takes the time to understand each and every student’s culture and personalities. She doesn’t think that her culture is any better than any other culture. She believes in these students and pushes them to do their very best. She knows that they are smart and can do better than what others think. She teaches the students about the holocaust because it is similar to their real lives that they are living now.

Each culture wants to take over the other and become the best. It is genocide to them. She gives them a book to read that is not their level but just because she knows that they are interested in learning about this past history and how it relates to them they read it and understand it. Ms. G is an amazing teacher because she helped to change the student’s lives around. She saw the spark that they each had and she pushed them to reach out and speak out to other students and other cultures.

She never gave up on the students but only believed in them. She helped get all their academic grades up, and most of all got the different cultures to communicate. She helped them to set the example for the future. This movie relates to real life. In the work field you will be working with many people from many different cultures. You cant be biased of any person cultures or not communicate with different cultures. Get to know the other person culture you may be surprised how much you have in common with that person and their culture.

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