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Creating Suspense In the short story, "Three Skeleton Key" by George Outdoes, imagery and foreshadowing are important literary devices used in this story. Outdoes use s these two devices to help create suspense in the acts of the three lighthouse workers being data eked by sea rats. Foreshadowing is a literary device used by authors to give hints what is to co me later in the story. Foreshadowing is a nonchalant warning for events that follow.

Tout ouzo States, "Three Skeleton Key, the small rock on which the light stood, bore a bad reputation. " (peg 1) The author sees foreshadowing here to hint toward unfortunate events that happen later on. For example, the ship wrecks on the island. Eventually the rats take over the lighthouse, forcing the three men to be locked into one room of the lighthouse with no supplies. After the rat invasion ion, one of the men, Eel Glee, goes mad, another, Ithaca, dies from an infected rat bite.

Too douse also states, "Watching her sail dead for us, a white wave boiling her bows, Eel Glee cried 0 UT, "What's wrong with her crew? " (peg 2) The author uses foreshadowing here to hint tow arts the death of the crew from the ship, and the crew that worked on the lighthouse. The fate of the crew from the ship was that they had to abandon the ship because of the invasion of the shih p by sea rats. The crew had to abandon the ship, they were left for death in the middle of the co mean. The lighthouse crew was destined to a chaotic series of events dealing with the same sea rats .

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The crew is pretty much bound for death when trapped inside the room of the lighthouse with n o supplies. Foreshadowing is important in the act of creating the suspense in this story. Imagery is a literary device used by authors to visually describe their work. Im age rye helps reader to feel even close to the action in the story. Outdoes says, "If you u so much as harm one, his sharp cry will bring hordes of his fellows to swarm over you, and not cease until your flesh has been stripped from your bones. (peg 4) He uses imagery in this case to show how vengeful the rats truly are. These lines make you visualize the rats swarming o very and striping your flesh from your bones.

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