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Cultural Differences in Emotion

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Collectivist countries Japan, china retreat emotions innate to relationship between the groups , Individualistic countries think emotions are not directed to them. Common emotions : anger, fear,sadness,happiness, disgust, surprise. Happiness Is confused with surprise. Love is difficult to convey In facial expression. Positive emotions (Joy and gratitude) and negative emotions (anger guilt) . Neutral state is non emotional. So if we group and -eve emotions they become your moods. Surprise can not be put in model cozy its not clear. High effect in mood structure will relate to excitement.

As same high -eve effect can be related to nervousness, tense. And some hybrid emotions, contentment mixture of high +eve and low negative (serene, relaxed). So these effects color our perceptions which becomes reality and behavior. Air hostess example, Negative emotions negative mood . Negative experiences are fast to recollect. Positivist offset If zero input mostly people feel positive mood. China has less of positive and negative emotions . Pride Is good In US but no In china. Emotions help you to make rational decisions, brain Injury people making Irrational decisions.

Thinking + feeling rational decisions. Sources of emotions and moods 1. Personality : ms thong and Hartmann Sings shows different affect intensity 2. Time and day : +eve at end of week, negative at Sundays, in intra day positive mood peaks during the middle part . 3. Weather: illusory correlation : when people think two things are related whenever are not so moods are not affected by weather 4. Stress: stressful days affect moods negatively 5. Sleep: poor/reduced sleep cloud your decision and make difficult to control our emotions 6. Exercise: +eve effect 7. Social actively: 8.

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Age: emotional experience gets better as we age, more +eve episode and less -eve 9. Sex: women's reactions are personality based and men reactions are environment Why we see more +eve mood then negative moods 1. _eve emotion more when they are alone 2. Reluctant to divulge -eve feeling in social situation Emotional labor: people who have to express organizational desired emotions . Air hostess Emotional dissonance : projecting something else then feelings Surface acting vs.. Deep acting (true feeling) ATE (affective events theory) : work place events causes emotional reactions +eve and - e will influence workplace attitudes and behaviors.

So people who score low on emotional stability react strongly to negative events. So all these effects the COB, behaviors and workplace deviance. 1 . Emotions provide valuable insight into how workplace hassles influence employee performance 2. Employee and managers should onto ignore the emotions when they re minor as they accumulate. El is person's ability to perceive emotions in self and others,2, understand meaning of emotions, regulate emotions . Effective presidents US then failed presidents the major difference was El. Arguments in favor of El 1.

Intuitive appeal: Almost everyone agrees is good to possess social intelligence. Intuition is to detect emotions in others , control their emotions and handle social interactions. Are good in business world. 2. El predicts subject matter that high level of El means person will perform well on the Job 3. El is biologically based , people without preferential cortex have same IQ but lower CEQ Arguments against El 1. El researchers do not agree on definition : some use tests soon use self reports 2. El can't be measured: measures of El are vast 3.

El is personality but with different label: El closely related to intelligence and personality it has nothing unique to offer. Emotional Regulation: individuals with higher personality trait of neurotics have more trouble to regulate the emotions . And people with low self esteem are less likely to to improve sad mood. Ignoring negative experience can lead to better regulation. Application of understanding emotions and moods 1. Selection : factor in hiring employees, especially in social interactions. Better El better performance 2. Decision Making: +eve emotions leading to rational decisions .

Creativity:+I've mood leads to creativity more open in thinking 4. Motivation : +eve mood leads to +eve feedback which reinforces the +eve mood. Two groups puzzle example. Good to co worker and higher sale for selling firm 5. Leadership : leader if excited enthusiastic will covey optimism enjoyment . Help in promoting the vision to employees 6. Negotiation : so best negotiator should not feel bad about the negative emotion and develop negative perception for counter partially as that's will impair future negotiation . SO Emotions can impair negotiator performance.

So arson phonies gage will be best negotiation as he will not be taken back by negative outcomes. 7. Customer service: emotional dissonance can lead to decline of Job dissatisfaction. Emotional contagion so +eve feeling of employee will be responded back +vela by customer and lead to longer shopping. -eve feeling is also contagious 8. Job attitude: bad day at work means unpleasant evening with your spouse . People envy, anger leading to deviant behavior 10. Safety and Injury at work. : -eve mood can make you anxious, distracted and careless leading to injury. Managers use humor and token of appreciation to mitigate +eve mood

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