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How I Chose My Future Profession

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Around the world, every young adult is forced to face the life decision of going to college. Those wise enough to try it, have to come up with a path to focus on without even experiencing a drop in real life. When one hears of college, the following questions tend to be about the predetermined major and career.

Taking a closer look at your top majors and comparing them is a good way to decide which one is best for the individual. Comparing two majors such as nursing and justice studies reveal many different pros and cons.

I have already chosen my future profession as a nurse and I will tell you why.

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When it comes to majoring in nursing, there are certain things to consider. For example, one would have to take a lot of math and science-based classes. These classes require a ton of dedication and grit because they are the most rigorous courses. However, a major as such pays off in the long run due to the high income.

“On average, someone who pursues nursing as a career makes about $70,000 a year.” (U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics. When thinking back at all the money spent on getting a degree, a nursing career will essentially reimburse the amount of money poured into it. Although committing to a degree like nursing requires a four-year bachelor's degree, there is much more to it. Typically, one has to work their way up in experience before being able to practice unsupervised.

On the other hand, a degree like justice studies has many different aspects of interests as well as requirements. When looking pursuing a justice studies degree, it allows for numerous career choices. One could pursue a career in being a police officer, a detective, an investigator, an FBI agent, or even in forensics.

In having such a wide variety of legal related jobs to choose from, this career choice allows a student flexibility. “On average, someone could potentially make about $57,000 to $60,00.” (U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics. (2017). When evaluating how much money was spent on a bachelor's degree, the potential income amount is average and not very sufficient to pay off loans and bills in a short period of time.

In comparison, a nursing degree and a justice studies degree each have their advantages and disadvantages. Pursuing nursing could lead to more stress due to how difficult the courses are. Heavily being based on math and science is extremely difficult because people tend to shy away from STEM fields.

Any major will undoubtedly be stressful, however since justice studies do not require as many STEM courses, the level of difficulty will be lower than nursing. Although nursing has courses that are seen to be difficult, it pays a significantly larger amount of money than a career in justice studies would.

All in all, different majors like nursing and justice studies will have an outcome of widely different careers. Different passions have various distinct requirements and qualities. When choosing a major, one should truly consider the possible outcomes to fall into. At the end of the day, passions are what should drive an individual to fulfill a career. Following the money instead of what is at heart will only leave the soul unsatisfied.

I have chosen my heart and decided to be a nurse.

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