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Importance of Human Capital in Economicdevelopment

The modern economists are of the view that natural resources i… e forest minerals, climate, water power etc. play in important role in the economic development of an country. A country which has abundant natural resources is in position to development more rapidly than a …

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Adam Capital Management

Adams Capital Management: Fund IV Joel Adams, founder and general partner of Adams Capital Management (ACM), a $700 million early-stage venture capital firm investing in the information technology, networking infrastructure, and semiconductor industries, glanced up as his fellow general partners trooped into his office on …

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Criteria for Capital Lease

A lease is an agreement for the purchase of assets whereby a person or company purchases assets through financing from another party which may be the manufacturer or direct owner of the asset or some financial institution such as a bank. (more…)

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Improving Staff Performance through Motivation and Rewards

ABSTRACT This is a study of the various approaches that can be implemented to improve staff performance and how these affect the employee’s motivation, and the organisation’s aims. Staff training, and the management of staff, remains a highly debated topic in the business market; different …

BusinessBusiness ManagementCapitalHumanManagementSuccessful Business
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The Capital Market Contributions Towards Economic Growth

This is very essential for government and other institutions in need of long-term funds and for suppliers of long-term funds. (Know, 1991). Based on its importance in accelerating economic growth and development, government of most nations tend to have keen interest in the performance of …

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Cost of Capital Critical Analysis

Cost of Capital Definition: cost of capital is the rate of return that a company must earn on its project investments to maintain its market value and attract funds. The cost of capital to a company is the minimum rate of return that is must …

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Global Human Capital Management Trends

Change is never easy. Casino X has been working with the same mindset for many years. In the past this was a profitable company but with the globalization of culture and the marketplace, due in part to the technology growth and the internet, they cannot …

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Are trade and capital mobility substitutes or complements

As many people can notice, globalization is becoming a trend when more and more countries are trading their products with each other. In some cases, countries are willing to integrate their capital markets, that is improving capital mobility, so as to achieve freer trade. However, …

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Compare and Contrast: Capital One 360 to Dezurik

Company Overview From an operations management perspective, we compared and contrasted Capital One 360 to Dezurik. We looked at many different aspects of both businesses in relation to various operational and business elements. We conclude that both corporations have significant differences based on manufacturing versus …

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The concept of capital market

1. Introduction The concept of capital market efficiency can be said to be a research topic that has bring a lot of arguments and suggestions on the field of finance as a course of study. As such, it would only be expected that the wider …

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Weighted Average Cost of Capital Argumentative Essay

Weighted average cost of capital is the company’s average cost of all its capital finances, which could include bank loans, equity, and debentures in relation to what each capital factor relate to the total capital. The WACC is any important factor /rate in making corporate …

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Return on Initial Capital Employed

The four main techniques adopted to evaluate capital projects like Kips and Queens Projects are considered in this report. This return on initial capital employed ratio examines the return derived in percentage terms on the capital gain of the project at hand. Its simplicity to …

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The modern finance theory is based on the capital asset pricing model

Abstract As some anomalies are hardly explained by the traditional finance, the behaviour finance is introduced. It was first introduced by Kahneman and Tversky (1979), which they presented the prospect theory. In fact, investors’ behaviour often violates the expected utility theory, some of them trade …

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Social Capital Theory – An Overview

Social Capital has been described as involving egocentric, weak ties and socio-centric types of relationships. How might these concepts help to improve the way organisations generate new knowledge. Might some these concepts also act as a barrier to generating and sharing knowledge? Explain your answer. …

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3 Alternatives Better Than Raising Startup Capital From the 3 F’s

Just like a first date, I remember every detail of my first start-up. It was a busy time in my life, but there are many things that stand out. Thankfully, seen now in life's rearview mirror, those memories are lessons that allowed me to be significantly more effective …

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Cost of Capital

The Beta for Dollar tree stores is 0.45 and for Family Dollar store it is 0.04. Yahoo finance was used to determine these values. The values were current as of March 10, 2009 and can be found under Key Statistics of individual stock profile. DLTR …

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Capital Asset Pricing Model and its Uses

1. The risk of any stock can be divided into two components that are relevant to investors. The first risk component is diversifiable risk and the other component is a market risk or systematic risk. The diversifiable risk of a stock can be avoided and …

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Role of Human Capital in Economic Development

Introduction Our research topic is to analyze the relationship between human capital and economic growth. Economic growths important determinant are physical capital, labor and human capital. But from the recent trend of world economic growth, we found that human capital is playing a key role …

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Introduction to Weighted Average Cost of Capital

The main objective of this paper is to provide an overview of weighted average cost of capital, that is, how it is computed and interpreted for any company. The weighted average cost of capital is an important aspect for any company to compute and interpret …

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Using cultural capital theory to study racial inequality: A case study of Hays

CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION In European society, resources, opportunities, and rewards continue to be allocated unevenly by race, and a substantial body of sociological research has endeavoured to explain these disparities. The current discourse on racial inequality is generally dominated by work located at the macro …

CapitalCase StudyCultureRacial InequalityTheories
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Introduction to Debt Capital Market

That is ownership claims (or the right to any and all residual asset value after all prior claims are met) and prior ranking claims known as debt. Equity is typically a form of permanent capital in the capital framework of a company while debt is …

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Long Term Capital Management

Meriwether was the former vice-chairman and head of bond trading at Investment bank Salomon Brothers. Meriwether put together a high profile team of traders and academics in an attempt to create a fund that would profit from the combination of the academics’ quantitative models and …

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Capital Asset Pricing Model

Despite the appeal of the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM), there have been many disputes on whether it is a good measure of the relationship between returns and risks. Since it was first developed by Sharp(1964), researchers have carried out a huge number of both …

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Market Capitalization Essay

To test whether share prices exhibit long memory and/or linearity, a variety of techniques are applied to the time-series of the top 25 and bottom 25 (by market capitalization) companies in both the FTSE and the AIM from January 1, 1998 to December 31, 2004, …

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Capital project

In capital budgeting decisions there are certain variables present in the business industry that ought to be taken into account to ensure that the appropriate figures are utilized in the capital expenditure appraisal. In capital budgeting, the principle of the time value of money arises, …

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plain the concept of capital deepening on workers

Capital deepening is defined as “an economy where capital per worker is increasing. ” As capital per worker increases, it is assumed that the economy will expand as the worker yield will be increasing. But at full employment-which is the level of national income where …

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Dividend Policy & Capital Structure

“Comparative Analysis of Dividend Policy & Capital Structure” Prepared For: Lutfur Rahman Senior Lecturer, Department of Business Administration, East West University. Course Code: FIN-435 Course Title: Managerial Finance Prepared By: Md. Habibur Rahman Utpal Kumar Ghosh ID: 2006-2-10-175 ID: 2006-2-10-179 Date of Submission: August 11, …

CapitalCapital StructureDividend Policy
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This Startup Raises Seed capital From IAN

The biggest challenge faced by early-stage startups is to raise seed capital which is instrumental in scaling up their businesses by developing their technology and marketing it.With its primary focus on promoting, mentoring and financially assisting early-stage startups, IAN launched the small ticket funding programme …

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Working Capital and Profitability: In Indian Pharmaceutical Industry

Introduction: The working capital management plays an important role, for success or failure of Firm in business because of its effect on firms’ profitability as well on liquidity. Working capital management is about the management of current assets and current liabilities, in such a way …

CapitalPharmaceutical IndustryWorking Capital
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The Importance of Measuring Human or Knowledge Capital in a Company

The Importance of Measuring Human or Knowledge Capital  in a Company With the loss of an organization’s ability to walk down the hallway and see all of its employees at work, business owners, including government agencies, are beginning to realize the importance of the contributions …

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Capital is a broad term that can describe any thing that confers value or benefit to its owner, such as a factory and its machinery, intellectual property like patents, or the financial assets of a business or an individual.

Frequently asked questions

What is capital defined?
Capital refers to the amount of money that has been invested in a company or enterprise. It is also used to describe the funds available to a business to grow, expand, and create tangible assets. The term can also be used to describe the value of a company or enterprise.
What is the meaning of capital?
One definition of capital is the resources used to produce value in an economy." This can include things like money, buildings, machinery, and land. Basically, capital represents the things that a business or country can use to generate wealth.Another way to think of capital is as the value that a business or country has available to reinvest in itself. This can be used to finance new projects, expand existing businesses, or even just to keep the economy going by providing jobs and stimulating spending.In essence, capital is anything that can be used to create value or help a business or country grow. It is the foundation upon which an economy is built and is essential for ensuring long-term economic prosperity."
What is the difference between the words Capitol and capital?
The word capital" has multiple meanings, but most commonly refers to a city that serves as the seat of government for a country or region. The word "capitol" specifically refers to a building in which a country's legislature meets. In the United States, the Capitol Building is where Congress meets. So while all capitol buildings are capitals, not all capitals are capitol buildings."
What is the difference in asset and capital?
Firstly, assets are everything that a company or individual owns, while capital refers to the funds available to invest in new projects or ventures. Secondly, assets are generally categorized as either physical or intangible, while capital is almost always financial in nature. Finally, while assets can be used to generate income, capital is specifically earmarked for investment purposes.

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