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Redevelopment Study of The Manila Zoo

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The Philippines, being a colorful country of many cultures, traditions and people is one of great diversity In geography, nature and resources. Of these, the Indigenous wildlife in the country is one of the most special in the planet. From the innovation of trades, the first zoo emerged to give the city and the country the exposure to animals, education for conservation of these animals and the additional venue for tourism and communal activity for the capital city of the Philippines. This zoo stands today as

The Manila Zoological Parks and Botanical Gardens, the oldest zoo of the Philippines. But what has it become as of today? The Manila Zoological Parks and Botanical Gardens or the Manila Zoo is the only place in the city of Manila that exhibits the great diversity of fauna and flora that we consider to be one of the country pride and treasure. As the ages passed, the zoo needed much improvement in terms of physical conditions and Infrastructure of its animal's environment which was the topic of the park's reputation and critique. Up to today, the zoo stands lacking the tankard and approval in quality of maintenance.

The researcher aims to give solution to this problem by proposing a redevelopment to its architecture for the much needed benefit of its animals, its visitors, its zookeepers, of the zoo itself, of the city of Manila, and of the sake of our environment. The Manila zoo Is not just a zoo, but a sanctuary for the natural treasure of the country. This research is envisioned to conserve not just the wildlife in the zoo, but also the preservation of the significance of the zoo to the city of Manila. The researcher conducts a study upon the Manila Zoo which is one of the prominent wildlife exhibits in the country and its need for redevelopment.

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The researcher alms to propose a redevelopment that will Improve its infrastructure and better Is establishment. The researcher will focus the study and methods by gathering significant data and survey in and around the site of the existing Manila Zoological Parks and Botanical Gardens, its zookeepers and visitors in the city of Manila. While this study goes, the researcher shall realize the ideas and philosophies regarding about the project proposal and be able to design a proper concept for the solution of the problem.

Redevelopment Study of The Manila Zoo essay

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Will Manila Zoo’s reconstruction rival Singapore Zoo?

This was announced as it celebrated its 61st birthday last July 25, and will be overseen by the City Government of Manila. Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso is keen on the zoo’s P1.73-billion reconstruction, believing that the zoo will soon rival the best zoos in Asia such as the Singapore Zoo.

What is Manila Zoo redevelopment project?

Manila Zoo’s redevelopment, which will cover 51,000 square meters, will include exciting, new facilities such as a veterinary hospital, new animal habitats, gardens, a museum, a restaurant, and a new parking area.

Is it time for Manila Zoo to get new facilities?

As Manila Zoo has been around for a long time, it’s high time for it to get new and improved facilities. We hope that the City Government of Manila will be successful in implementing its ambitious plans for this historic home of the animals we have grown familiar with.

What will happen to Mali’s enclosure in Manila Zoo?

Meanwhile, Mali’s enclosure, currently the home of the zoo’s most famous resident elephant, will be expanded to house more animals, including hippopotamuses. This is according to Alipio Morabe Jr., Director of Manila’s Public Recreation Bureau.

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