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Faith Statement

Faith Statement My faith has grown immensely over the years. Throughout my faith journey everyone at the church and in my family has influenced my life in faith. To me when you are baptized it means your parents are making you a child of God but when you get confirmed you are accepting your baptism and becoming a member of the church.

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Jesus is a big part of mine and everyone’s life because he died on the cross to save our sins.

We pretty much all take advantage of Jesus’s love. Everyone makes mistakes, some foolish, but still Jesus will always forgive us and love us. Also, even though I know I will be forgiven, church has taught me that we should all try to do our best at doing what God wants us to do and the right thing. Since I’m a Christian, whenever I am about to do something that I think God wouldn’t want me to I think it over and try to make the best choice.

I think that Holy Communion affects my life by making me feel clean and saved. Prayer is very vital to me. Going to church has taught me that if I pray to God for help in something most of the time he delivers but when he doesn’t it’s not because he isn’t listening but simply because it’s not meant to be. Throughout the years, I have learned to help God and serve around the community. After I get confirmed I will still attend church and do service projects to help others.