Alignment of Academic Standards with ELL Proficiency Standards

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The federal government has changed the ground work and the organization of scholastic lessons in the educational systems in 2001 with the “No Child Left behind Act”. The law say that each state is to embrace English Language Learners in the state assessment and evaluate the student’s language skill “with valid, reliable assessments in the areas of oral language and reading and writing skills, more specifically comprehension, speaking, listing, reading, and writing”(Cook, 2007). The requirements of these assessment also include assisting in the students’ accomplishment of the state’s academic achievement standards.

Since the federal standards has been made to the educational system there needs to be a new method created and evaluated in the way that states and schools can continue adjusting and properly evaluating English Language Learners. The population of English Language Learners has made a tremendous growth in American, over the past few years the English Language Learners has grown more the twenty percent and is predictable to increase more with time. With the population growing in our educational system modifications had to be made.

The laws specifies that all children who are disabled, don’t speak English, or disadvantaged still have an equal right to an education. For the reason of English Language Learner comprehensive p the United States wanted something that could adjust and help as a wide range obligation and or standard required to applied in the educational system, so with the No Child Left behind act allowed it to be done. Since the states have to follow and stand by assessment guidelines as well as academic standards with the No Child Left Behind act people ask exactly how the non- English students would fit into this law.

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Assessment must also be given with unlimited probability that a student will pass in the regular education curriculums, even though they definitely let each state establish their own specific procedures that met with these probability. The complicating part is it has to link using both state and government academic standards. The Arizona or TESOL English language learners’ standards obligatory are to work independently as a state but then again they are also obligatory to follow and manage the governments’ requirements. This can be completed by correctly combining the English language learners’ into groups.

This act should only be used when placing the students into groups, by doing this allows for identify that level of each child, such as their comprehension level as well as how much they know about speaking, listing, reading, and written in English the language. There are many different levels that are personalized or tiered into separate classifications for the age varieties. Each group has requirements in addition to the complete outline and details to dimensions from, as well as the requirements that the government has and it does not matter which state you are in they are all the same.

These standards are identified as English language Proficiency Standards (ELP). The English language Proficiency Standards come in many different segments beginning with the age, then finishing with separable accomplishment and understanding. To begin with the most important factor would be the stage of development of a child, the students need to be properly divided by their developing skill and accurateness in reasoning purposes. There are four different categories in the age group, first there is kindergarten to second, next third to fifth, following sixth to eight, last is ninth to twelfth.

Once the correct stage of development has been recognized and properly entangled with other students, then it is on to evaluating the level of English the student knows and comprehends. Each level is important however the first level is entering level developing to the bridging level, this level means that a student is ready to join a regular classroom because they have a complete understanding and can intellectual ability to the English Language for all students this is the main goal to reach.

However if a student is not at this level with the help of educators to support and assistance of the assessments every student will be at bridging level as fast as they can. Using the ELP standards in addition to mixing them into a teachers daily routine is a requirement in the classrooms today. Teachers should always reminder that every student is different and learn in different ways, so teachers need to teach in different ways in order for the students to learn successfully principally while learning literacy skills in reading.

When using data it can be a very useful tool when helping students, it can be responsible for a helping teacher to get a better understanding of what a student knows, what they need to work on, as well as what need to be worked on so they are able to reach their academic goals. This is a great tool for teacher because it allow them to make knowledgeable choices that can help the student’s goals in their educational career.

“Although high stakes testing carries much of the weight for teachers there are possibilities to meet federal and state regulations by cautiously and consciously planning lesson that provide students with multiple opportunities to be successful and apply language in content context” (GCU, 2012). For teachers to be able to do this they need to be better prepared at educating as well as supporting their states standards with ELP standards. Each lesson should be made that every student is given a chance to be successful. Being a teacher it is important to provide many opportunities for their students to be successful in their educational future.

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