Fortnite: A Unique Free-to-play Battle Game Created By Epic Games

Last Updated: 20 Feb 2023
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Fortnite is a unique battle royale style game created by Epic Games. It is a competitive shooting game where 100 players jump out of a flying battle bus and parachute onto an island. When the players land they are able to search chests and buildings for weapons, medical kits, and other supplies. As the battle progresses a storm slowly forces people closer and closer to one another. The winner is the last person or team standing.

What makes Fortnite unique is the building system. Players can destroy structures such as trees, building, and cars for materials. Materials include wood,metal and brick that can be used to build walls,stairs and ceilings. It is perfect for getting across the map quickly or defending yourself from opponents. It is thrilling because this makes each game totally different. To keep players on their toes, opponents can destroy whatever is being built. It adds a new level of strategy and tactic that is not often involved in this kind of gamemode.

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Jumping into an unknown world can leave new players with little idea of what to do next. There is definitely a learning curve to this game. It can a couple of rounds with mistakes to find what techniques and methods work for you. Some new players might just last a few seconds,while others will last a few minutes. It is fun because as you get better at the ins and outs of the game, you begin to see yourself lasting longer in matches.

What I also enjoy about the game is its vibrant colors and casual gameplay. There is plenty unique places around the map to visit. This includes places with high rise towers and neighborhoods with large homes.The map itself is of cartoon or fantasy style which allows for Epic games to add some really cool features. Some of the things are jump pads, rifts, and traps. There is also different forms of transportation around the map such as golf carts and four wheelers which make it really entertaining. That being said it is definitely fast paced game which makes it really fun and interesting.

I enjoy joining the game in duo or squad mode, so that my teammates can revive me. This puts you at a huge advantage because if your playing in solo mode you immediately die.You can also regain health through medical kits and bandages throughout the match.

The greatest part is that Fortnite is absolutely free to play. There are in-game purchases such as the battle pass which continues to challenge players. I personally enjoy buying the pass, but it does not affect gameplay, just the overall cosmetics over your character.The pass rewards you with things as you play such as pets, skins and new gliders. Due to the game being free the player base seems to be quite diverse and sometimes even toxic.

Fortnite continues to have new seasons and updates. They are always adding new characters, weapons and places to the map. These new features always keep me wanting to come back for more. 

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