An Analysis of the Free Were Free Blacks in the North

Last Updated: 11 Jan 2023
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To be free but not actually free .Looking at the years from the 1800 to 1860. There were more free slaves in the South than in the North. Most slaves became free when their owners died or for economic reasons. Some slaves bought their own freedom. In the following paragraphs we will discuss their social and religious freedom.

Most Blacks in the 1800s were free to get a good job, vote, attend school, and go to church in the north. Although they were free to do these things, most of them refused because the whites did not allow it to happen. What is the sense of having the freedom to vote if you were not allowed. Taxes were placed on voting which made voting impossible and unaffordable. They believed in segregation. In the North there was to be no mingling with the Whites. They could not attend concerts, theatres, churches or court rooms. In the South whites were more prepared to mix to some extent. They were more tolerant.

The black church was a way for blacks to be involved in their community politics. The church was a place where they could be married and a place where they could celebrate their deaths. Church was a place for teaching of the bible. A place to write newspapers and have meetings. The church was a place to house runaway slaves. In the North the blacks had the right to do different things that were written into law, but the whites refused to let them follow the laws. The church had to be a place where they could gather in numbers and try to push for their rights.

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How free were free blacks in the North. Actually they were not free at all. They were not free to vote, get a good job, or attend good schools. They were not free to use the laws that were written for them, because of the whites harassments and prejudices. Black were able to do some things, although most of the things were limited. (Document B) There were more free slaves in the South than in the North. This came about because their owners died or set them free for economic reasons. The Black church was a way that they could feel free. It was a place where they could come together in marriage and in death. A place where they could work as a community for their freedom. (Document D)

Blacks in the south had no right to vote. Even though blacks represent about 40% of the population in the south they did not have the right to vote. Southern blacks were kept ignorant. Blacks were not allowed to learn to read. It was against the law to teach a slave how to read. Many whites believed that if a slave learned how to read he would be capable to learn how to escape.

Some slaves were even loaned out. For example some slaves would buy their rights from their masters and then work for other people for wages. Some slaves were even granted permission to live on their own and pay their own board. These types of slaves had basically the same rights as northern slaves. These types of slaves went as they pleased but still had no freedom or rights.

Blacks in no part of the country during the 1800's were free. If you lived up north you had few rights. and many roadblocks on your way to being equal to whites. Granted blacks up north had more rights than those of the south but they still did not have much. The only difference between free slaves is basically the location in which they live in.

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