Free Pets Food With the Concept of Free Rice, a Nonprofit Game Designed to Help Gamers Battle World Hunger

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The Humane Society of the United States says “3-4 million animals are killed in shelters each year”. Many shelters struggle to feed every pet that lives there because of lack of funds. Through donations and adoptions many pets make it to see another day and many others get put to sleep. That’s why I invented Free Pets Food using the same concepts of Free Rice. Free Rice is a nonprofit game designed to help gamer’s battle world hunger while they play.

The game Free Pets Food was designed to give food to cats and dogs that live in the humane society. I invented this game because of volunteer experiences I had in my life with this real world problem. This real world problem can be solved by playing Free Pets Food through your phone or computer device. As for life experiences we all have seen a dog or a cat in the street starving just waiting to get through their day. By playing Free Pets Food you will learn not only about pets in general but it will also train you to become a better pet owner. As for people that don’t own a pet it will help them know that real world problems like feeding a dog or cat could be as important as feeding themselves everyday. Free Pets Food will help feed millions of animals through out the world by simply logging in and playing for a couple of minutes because every minute counts for a furry one waiting to get fed in a shelter. For a person that likes solving real world problems this one is fast and easy playing Free Pets Food.

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Free Pets Food is simple where you choose the pet you like to feed being a cat or dog. After choosing either a cat or dog, it will give you pictures to choose from a catalog provided by shelters. The game is designed to try to complete ten different puzzles, ten being the hardest one. Each definition in the puzzle is based on the pet you’ve chosen to help feed. For each puzzle completed you get a full bowl of food. Each definition you answer in the puzzle will earn a piece of dog or cat food. The tenth puzzle being the hardest one to complete has a bonus question which will give a surprise to that animal like a special treat.

An example of many questions in the puzzles: A method of communication that dogs use is? A) Growl B) Bark. (A) Being the answer makes players take the challenge of completing each puzzle with tips for treating animals better. The main goal of this real world solving game is to complete all the puzzles so that at the end of completing all ten puzzles an animal could get ten bowls equaling their food for the week. In completing Free Pets Food all the bowls completed by the puzzles will be donated to the humane society of the United States, these donations are given by a dog and cat food company named Nutro Choice.

Free Pets Food is a game for all ages including kids because it gives out hints for the correct answers in every question. There’s a meaning to what why we do things in life and how we do them. By playing Free Pets Food hopefully people will get encouraged to go out to the shelters in humane society and adopt more pets. One bowl of food could mean a lot for a pet that has limited portions of food through their day. While playing Free Pets Food you would learn that having a pet takes a special someone. They are many people that don’t treasure the fact of having a pet; with Free Pets Food you don’t have to own a pet to make the solution of a real world problem happening.

In reality there’s more pets out in the real world that humans could help feed every year in donating a little of their spare time. Many of us nowadays play different types of games most of them to make us feel good towards ourselves in achieving their levels. From all those games out there Free Pets Food will make you feel the level of satisfaction in making a difference to our society. They are many real world problems that could solve the world step by step just like games do. The real world problem is around us, it depends in every single one of us to take action towards playing the game to help our humane society.


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