Formal and Informal Communication in the Workplace

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Joseph, your discussion on the formal and informal communication in the workplace is a good exploration of your insights regarding the topic. You were able to come up with a number of resources, as well as citing them while you discuss. It is an informative discussion, where I’ve learned a few things myself regarding the topic. However, there were a few things which you might have overlooked. It is evident that there were some points that needs to be improved, changed or be removed. Doing so would greatly help in improving your discussion, making it much more credible and an interesting read.

One of the points that caught my attention is that some of the facts that you are trying to build up lack sufficient referencing. On your third paragraph, you could have cited a source saying that a “larger company will need to have more formal communication than a smaller company will. ” Also, you didn’t clearly define what formal and informal communication is. It is necessary to have a definition regarding the topic that you’re discussing in the whole article. However, you did talk about a manifestation of a formal communication, which is through a report.

You also gave a definition of a report, which I think is not necessary in the discussion (Penrose, Rasberry, Meyers, 2004, p. 222). Your discussion may need improvements, but there are also important parts which can be considered as its strong points. One of this is your use of different sources. I really appreciated your use of the Bible, quoting several verses from different parts of the book, like when you tackled on miscommunication that causes confusion in an organization (Proverbs 29:20).

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Also, your emphasis on formal communication inside an organization gave me a good perspective about the topic. You have focused to discuss a large-scale organization so that the readers won’t be confused, since most of these companies stick to formal communication. Joseph, your discussion was an interesting read, even if it has some points which needed to be worked out. Your discussion has a big room for improvement, and doing so would greatly increase its credibility and inform more people regarding the topic you are discussing.

References: New International Version Bible (2003). Nashville. Zondervan. Penrose, J. , Rasberry, R. , Myers, R. , (2004) Business Communication for Managers. Mason, Ohio: Thomson Learning Smith, R. C. , and Ingo W. (2003). "Four years after Enron: assessing the financial-market regulatory cleanup. " Independent Review 11. 1 53(14). Academic OneFile. Thomson Gale. Liberty University. 16 Apr. 2007 . Schwartz, G. , (2000). “Annual Reports Meet the Era of the Dot. Com”. Advertising Age. Volume 71 Issue13.

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