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Communication approach in formal and informal way based on a talk show regarding educational system

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In this age of business, Businesses need good people with good communication skill. One of the forms of business communication is Public Speaking and Oral Reporting. Our objective is to organize a talk show transcript based on the fundamental of business communication like selecting word, adaptation and construction of clear sentence.Then make a formal presentation of the talk show in front of audience following forms of oral communication. After that, analyze the communication methods used in the talk show and their effectiveness on the communication process. Our topic of discussion in the talk show was “Necessity of higher education in theoretical & Vocational purpose” and our discussion panel includes relevant people from different area so that we can observe the various method of communication.

Our finding on the effective communication method regarding the topic is mostly based on the learning of the course.We have used some graphs to represent informational data during the talk show assuming the visual as our communication media.


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This study of communication approach based on the learning of the business communication is submitted to Dr. Md. Mahfuz Ashraf, Lecturer of University of Dhaka on December 29, 2009. The report was conducted by Md. Rajibul Hasan, Md.

Shaheen Hawlader, Mir Md. Shaharuzzaman and Md. Maruf Rahman under the direction of Dr. Md. Mahfuz Ashraf. The objective of the study is to identify the effective communication approach in both formal and informal communication.To make the right observation a dummy talk show has been staged on a specific topic.

The observation was made based on the talk show. The topic of the talk show is “Necessity of higher education in theoretical & Vocational purpose”. The talk show panel was formed by four personnel including the presenter. Other three are Educationist, Student Businessman. Though they are from different sector but they are directly or indirectly involved with the education system and get hold useful thought about the education system. They express their own thought from their respective point of view.During their speeches they carry out different communication method to communicate with audience and panel member including formal and informal way.

In the following pages, transcript of the talk show appears with some graphical representation. First presenter starts the talk show and informs the audience about the subject, and then he introduces the panel member of the talk show. He request educationist to discuss about system to reach the depth of the system. Following his speech student share his practical experience and thoughts about the subject. Then businessman gets the opportunity to express his point of view.The next part contains the observation of the talk show which consists of fundamental of communication, Formal communication, Informal communication and use of graphics. The report is concluded stating the importance and necessity of effective communication in world of business.

Transcript of the talk show

Presenter: Good Evening Audience, I Md. Rajibul Hasan welcoming you in our talk show. Today our topic of discussion is “Necessity of higher education in theoretical & Vocational purpose”. To discuss on the topic here we have three members of Panel. First I like to introduce Today’s Panel member with you.From left to right: Mr. Md.

Shaheen Hawladar, Educationist & Teacher. Mr. Maruf Hossain, Student of University of Dhaka. Mr. M. M. S Zaman, Businessperson.

(Summarize) It has been said that “Education is the backbone of a Nation”. Here we will discuss about the educational system in Bangladesh, Specially the subsidized system in our educational system. To talk about the system first I would like to request Mr. Md. Shaheen Hawlader to tell something about the educational structure. Teacher or Educationist: Thank you Mr. Hasan and Good evening audience.

First I am going to discuss the existing educational system.Here we have three main educational systems in Bangladesh (1). They are: ? ? ? General Education System Madrasah Education System Technical - Vocational Education System Table 1. Bangladesh education system chart (1) 2 I am going to draw a comparison picture between General and technical-vocational education system. As per the education structure there is no technical-vocational institution in primary level of education. Both general and vocational system has the same primary education. There is diversification of courses after three years of schooling in junior secondary level.

Vocational and technical courses are offered in vocational and trade institute/schools. Vocational educational system has got less attention comparing to the general education system. But to convert our large population in Human resource there is no alternative of vocational education. But our curriculum and syllabus are not modernized. Also there is lack of funding. Last five years Development Budget Allocation in Technical and vocational education was (14%) Even in the Last revenue budget government allocated only 775 million taka in technical education sector which is 1. 22 % and the lowest allocation among no-administrative subsector. Right now only 40% of vocational institutes are under MPO that is Monthly Pay order sanctioned by government whereas 80% of Madrasah institutes are under MPO . Newly elected government has formed a committee to formulating education policy.The committee has submitted draft report to the ministry of education.

In that report they make some suggestion to uphold the lacking of vocational educational system. As per committee’s 3 suggestion government should emphasize on technical and vocational education with establishment of a technical institute (mono- or polytechnic) in each upazila. I think there should be some specification on the type or status of the education. China could be a good example for us. In china Vocational studies are opened to primary-6 certificates holder. Presenter: Thank you Mr.Shaheen for your valuable opinion regarding the draft report about education policy.

From your statistics it is visible that Funding is poor in vocational education system as per the ratio. Though the committee on education policy proposed to deal with the infrastructure at upazila level, your opinion is there should be more specific directives as per the type of the education. Now we would like to hear from the representative of the student. Mr. Maruf would you please give us the general viewpoint of student about the vocational education system in the contrast of general education system.Student: Thank you, Mr. Hasan for giving me the opportunity and good evening everyone.

Being a student I am going to share the experience of a student point of view. As you may already know that in Bangladeshi education system after completing Junior Secondary Education (Grade - 8), a student may study either in Secondary or Secondary (Vocational), if studied Secondary than after completing Higher Secondary a huge number of opportunities will be created because, it will be possible to be a B. Sc. Engineer, a M. B. B. S Doctor or Honors Graduate.

On the other hand if Secondary (Vocational) is studied than opportunities become very narrow, because after completing HSC (Vocational) a person may become Honors graduate only in the Business stream and to become a B. Sc. Engineering a long way need to go, that’s 3 years Diploma in Engineering course had to be completed and then again studying 3 years B. Sc. Eng course. But there is only one such kind of Government institute in Bangladesh, that’s DUET with very limited seats and to be an M. B. B. S Doctor is never possible. So we can see what a great challenge a person needs to face if S. S.C (Vocational) is studied. If accidentally he or she fails to get chance in Diploma in Engineering course, he or she will be simply a labour nothing more than that. I would like share what happened in my case is that, some of my classmates, decided to study S. S. C (Vocational) after completing Grade -8, there logic was that if they study SSC (VOCATIONAL) they will finish their education earlier and will be able to earn money very quickly. 4 At that time I got a little bit confused I also wanted to earn money earlier, which will give me freedom, I won’t need to ask money from my guardians.As every time when I asked money from my guardians I had to answer a huge number of questions. So at that time I discussed the matter with one of my Uncle. He told me that if S. S. C(Vocational) is studied you will start earning very early and it will be adequate to fulfill your foolish needs, but after some days when you will marry and have your family, you will face that the amount you started earning is really very little to maintain your family. Then you will think of studying again but it will be very tough than it were at that time. At last I decided to bury my desires for two years and tarted studying Secondary education. Really what my Uncle told me 5 years ago became true, some of my friend completed their Diploma Engineering course and got a job with a monthly starting salary 8000 and after 2 years still now there salary is 8000. On the other hand a B. Sc. Eng is staring his job at 10,000 tk. monthly and each year it is possible that the salary will be increased and also the grade. As our country is a poor country so it’s really very essential for some of the students to complete somehow there education very early and to start earning money to support their family.So if the higher education facility for the vocational purpose is increased it will be really very helpful for most of the peoples in our country. Presenter: Thank you Mr. Maruf for sharing your viewpoint. From your discussion it seems that may be most of the students are considering the earnings or possibility of getting jobs over their Interest. we have the opportunity to know what are employer concern to when they recruit someone for their organization and how educational background have an effect on their decision to choose someone as an employee.

Mr. M. M. S Zaman what is your opinion.Businessperson: Thank you a lot; to permit me to expose my voice at this honorable stage, it’s a real honor for me to take a part of this discussion. In my sense of business we are always looking for profit with a project, it can be long term or short term. Now in the case of education of Vocational & Theoretical both takes a long duration of implementation phase to make ready.

In vocational it takes 10 year schooling and then four years diploma a diploma engineer is ready where as a Graduate with specialization such as a master degree need 12 year of schooling then 4 years honors and 2 years of masters and all but Non Govt. university they have suffer a 3-4 years of year loss. Then it takes 18 to 22 years to be ready for a productive person for the country or the business field. Secondly, world market is changing as well as the technology so for the both of the theoretical Masters or Diploma holder both we need to train from the same base or platform. Then we set them up to the real task and both gather the same knowledge from the field. Though theoretical post graduates are more reliable and dependable but vocational diploma holders are not less performer.So necessity of higher education I think vocational student need more to learn to became a specialized person to his/her own sector and make him/her more valuable in the sector or professional field.

I would like to request to the proper authority and govt. people and also to the policy makers to take more define decision, how to build up a market oriented educated person to take a part of the development of our country in faster time with better quality. And at the end I like to thank you again to admit me here for my speech. Presenter: Thank you Mr.Shaharuzzaman for your valuable opinion. You emphasize on the outcome from both vocational and general type of educational system. As per your opinion Diploma holder are not less performer but general graduate get preference when the theoretical knowledge is concern.

You also make point on the long duration of our educational system to produce a resourceful person. We are at the end of our discussion. Our topic of discussion was “Necessity of higher education in theoretical & Vocational purpose”. There are some key points we get from the discussion of our panel member like: Poor funding in the vocational education We heard about policy reform on education which is encouraging. Expense on education is big concern in less developed country like Bangladesh. Quality of education is non-negotiable. We have large number of population.

We have to build scope to turn out these populations into human resource. I think we need to continue such kind of discussion in mass media so that people become aware and policy makers can consider the viewpoint and speech from the different level of the society. Thank you and good night.

Communication method used in talk show

In this above transcript we exercise following methodology of communication: Fundamentals of communication Formal Oral communication Informal Oral communication Graphics as communication tool Fundamentals of Communication All speakers follow the basic rules to communicate with audience. Adaptation: We use words in a way so that general people can easily adapt the discussion. That’s why we found Educationist & businessperson kept their discussion in the level of minimum understanding.Educationist did not explain the educational system with high degree and businessperson try to projects generalize viewpoint on working personnel.

Word selection: Speakers used short and familiar word. For example, Educationist said “As per the education structure there is no technical-vocational institution in primary level of education. Both general and vocational system has the same primary education”. He could conjunct these two sentences by using whereas which would be long and rather complicated. Presenter used word ‘Emphasize’ than ‘Accentuate’.Businessperson used ‘Profit’ than ‘Turnover’. Student used word ‘Foolish’ than ‘Irrational’.

Acronym: Speakers have not used any kind of technical word or acronym which is beyond general understanding except in the following situation. Educationist said “…vocational institutes are under MPO that is Monthly Pay order sanctioned by government…” Here he used the acronym and define as well for the understanding of the audience. Nondiscrimination: Speakers avoid the use of discriminatory word like: Presenter introduced ‘Businessman’ as ‘Businessperson’ and started with ‘audience’ as non sexist word.Student greet ‘everyone’ and use ‘he or she’ twice in his speech. Concrete: Most of the data are presented by the Educationist who preferred concrete words. For example, “40% of vocational institutes are under MPO”, allocated only 775 million taka in technical education sector which is 1. 22 % and the lowest allocation among no-administrative subsector.

7 Formal oral communication Being the part of a talk show, speakers exercised the formal speaking approach in their discussion. Greeting: Presenter started with “Good Evening Audience, I Md.Rajibul Hasan welcoming you in our talk show”. Courtesy: Speakers were very courteous in their speech. Everyone started their speech by thanking his preceding speakers. Opening: In the opening Presenter told the subject---“Today our topic of discussion is Necessity of higher education in theoretical & Vocational purpose”. He also tried to gain attention by using proverb “Education is the backbone of a Nation”.

Body of the Speech: As expected, speakers from different area present their viewpoint in their own style. Educationist speech was based on data and comparison.Necessarily, he used graphics for his resourceful speech. On the contrary Students speech was meaningful in a sense of practical example. Businessperson’s speech shed light on the current situation of job market. Summarizing: Speakers end their speeches by restating their subject and highlighting the key point of their speech. It is very important to summarize the key point of the discussion so every time a speaker ends their discussion presenter restate the key point.

In the conclusion presenter summarizes outcome of the discussion. Informal oral communicationThough formal speaking method is preferred for the talk show, we found some characteristics of informal speaking in the student’s speech. Student was not necessarily from the professional background and his speech involves more real life example and expression more than the fact and data. He quoted from his uncle opinion, told about individual expenses and focus on personal development. His speech make the audience remind about their factors of choosing education system. During the presentation, Presenter tried to express the situation by his expression and practical example. Use of Graphics Graphics is a very useful communication tool to grab attention of the audience.

Some may find Data or statistics boring and can easily lose their attention to the subject. That’s why educationist presents his data with the appropriate graphical tool. Table: In the talk show only three main educational systems in Bangladesh have been discussed. But to give the idea of educational system speaker provide the education system table as general purpose. Chart: Comparing the budget allocation of vocational ducation system with general education system speakers represent the data in a clustered bar chart. The bar chart clearly shows the discrimination in the budget allocation of vocational education system.


We try to find the effective communication method throughout the presentation of the talk show.

There are some various aspects of communication, which can be developed by proper learning and practicing. First we have to develop proper training or introduce learning mechanism to aware people about effective communication method.Then every individual should practice the proper communication approach as part of their self development process. This could make synergic affect on the communication skills on individual as well as in the organization.


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