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Online classes are important for Contemporary American Culture because it more convenient for a variety of students who are pre-occupled with other aspects of their lives, also because you can receive a broader perspective from teachers all over the world. You'll benefit from a flexible schedule, which Is helpful for people balancing education with work and family life. Sometimes classes arent available at a time convenient for studentsdue to their other responsibilities.

Allows to receive better grades because you learn at your own pace. Classes are more cost effective. You can receive a wider range of perspectives because now you are able to receive education from teachers' worldwide. As noted in an article from Franklin University "Instructors have noted an Increase in a more diversified student population In their classes. " Teacher can be anywhere atb anytime which would allow them to share different experiences with their students.

As more technology has become available in man), parts of the globe, a new type of student population has emerged. The traditional student image of higher learning has been somewhat limited in many countries, but given the impact of the Internet, his traditional "student body" has changed. Rather than being limited to regional demographics, the student body for educational institutions offering online courses has changed drastically.

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In fact, these online courses have started yet another chapter in the history of education, known as virtual learning communities. While online instructors may start out teaching students from local areas, this particular opportunity has been changing over the past decade. In fact, many online instructors have noted an increase in a more diversified student population in their classes.

Further, they have realized the need to update their teaching skills, practices and strategies in order to accommodate the changing needs of the learners in the classroom, as well as updating their own teaching portfolio. This paper will provide a brief overview of current recruitment and hiring methods used in the traditional hiring versus online hiring of educators. Also, this paper will address the growing concerns of current traditional teachers as they approach the decision to transition over to online learning and how to obtain proper online instruction. Finally, this

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