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Final study guide peds

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Monitor & Co's for balance, Dally weights most Important. Nutrition fluids/delete/internal (gut) feedings/TIP. Medications admit protocol, path, meds dioxin *ion chromo, toxicity =n/v, halo, labs 0. 5-Eng, apical HER. Watch K+ levels(3. 5-5. 5) don't give if hypo because ? Diuretics, morphine Protocols for giving meds to children know weight, give parents s/s side effects, don't regime meds if child thru it up because you don't know how much they got, parents need to know the dos/don't of medications.

Don't tell them Its candy. Always start off with your first action being nursing. Example position before 02. Respiratory-remember everything is smaller Nose breathers till 6 weeks(? ) NSA assessment D, nose flaring, grunting, nasal flaring, anxiety (restlessness fidgety or listlessness), tachyon, sweating, BAG, 02 stats.. Interventions position increase head of bed, suction, 02, medication, do in that order. Care of tracheotomy. Know NC, blow by, mask. .NET, et as far as 02 methods. Nursing care management Pre-pop Postoperative Care Positioning -prone with head turned to the side Careful suctioning, only if necessary NO coughing, clearing throat, blowing nose Inspect all vomits for s/s fresh bleeding Pain management Entitlement as needed Cool water, ice pops no red or brown colored liquids C] No milk or ice cream Neuron Always a change in LOC is right unless it's already In the question. Especially with ICP. Know fontanels.

For MS focus on the word document on EBB Corollary Increase In growth hormone after bones have closed C.V.- cardiac defects cyanic ?hyperemia & agnostic= not as severe hyperemia as cyanic pale TWOFOLD, AAA, AS, AURA SODA atrium VOSS ventricle construes aorta PDA closure DAD HP For all of this know top 3 AND, measles, BBC, nursing and perfusion(C)) positioning semi or high fowlers, decrease HOB if in shock or if crease BP to get blood back to the heart. Monitor I & Co's for balance, Daily weights most important.

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Final study guide peds

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