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A fAREwell to arms study guide

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A Farewell to Arms Study Gulled Questions *Answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper as completely as possible. Keep these questions/answers to use as notes in order to prepare for discussions, quizzes, and tests.


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  1. What tone Is set in the opening chapters? Why Is this unexpected? The scene that Hemingway creates is peaceful and serene. However, the tone is depressing as fall turns into winter with rains and cholera plaguing the army. This is unexpected because the novel is about war and we do not see any action.
  2. What are your Impressions of the narrator so far?
  3. He seems rugged yet sensitive to the beauty of nature, articulate, inured to the dying that is part of the war, probably a reliable reporter of external events, but pretty close-lipped about his own feelings.
  4. How/Why did the narrator get Involved In WWW? Why Is he In the Italian army?  He signed up to drive an ambulance in the Italian army, he tells the head nurse he was in Italy and spoke Italian.
  5. What does the narrator's initial attitude toward the war seem to be?  He seems objective and detached.
  6. Describe the relationship between the Italian officers and the priest. What are their views concerning the Catholic Church? The priest is young and sincere, and the others tease him about his celibacy. The others poke fun at the church also.
  7. Describe the priest's native village of Brazil.  Brazil is green with hills and a castle yet more guns and new hospitals and Bruits on the street. Does he apologize to the priest? Milan, Florence, Rome, etc. He visits women. He apologizes to the priest for not visiting his hometown and family.
  8. Who is Catherine Barley? How does the lieutenant meet her? A British V. A. D. - something like a nurse's aid. She has been seeing Ronald and Ronald drags Let. Henry to meet his girl. Discuss the effect on Catherine of her fiance©'s death in the war. She held regret that they did not marry... There is sadness as she says "l could have given him that anyway' she also said she was going to cut all of her hair off for him as she wanted to do something for him.
  9. How does Let? Does Ronald react to Catering's obvious preference for Henry? Was he sincere in his expressed intent to marry her? What does Ronald mean when he says, "Thank God I didn't become involved with the British" (32)? (5-6) Ronald is indifferent to Catering's attachment to Henry. He is not sincere in his intentions to marry Miss Barley.
  10. Why does the lieutenant tell Catherine that he loves her? What is meant by the comment, "This was a game, like a bridge". He says it because it is what she wants to hear- if they are to have a physical relationship- but he has no intention of falling in love.
  11. How does the soldier with the hernia feel about the war? Why does the lieutenant tell him to "get a bump on your head"? What was the outcome? He doesn't want to go to the line again; by getting "injured" in a way that doesn't look like he did it on purpose, the soldier can -and does- get a ride to the hospital.
  12. What is Henry's attitude now toward the dangers of war? He recognizes them but feels that they have nothing to do with him- that he could not be killed.
  13. Why does Ronald make the lieutenant chew coffee before going to see Catherine? To mask the smell of alcohol to say that she can't see him that evening? How might this be a turning point for Henry? Lonely and hollow. He recognizes that he loves her and longs to be with her. 16. How and when does Henry get injured? What medical treatment does he receive? Henry gets injured during dinner when a mortar explodes near his bunker. Henry tests his wound cleaned at the dressing station and then transferred to the hospital.
  14. Contrast the personalities of Ronald and the priest as revealed in their visits to Henry in the hospital. What does each of them do for Henry's recovery/spirit?  Ronald - Free and fun. Likes to have fun, tease, drink, and women - talks about the medal of honor and brings Henry Cognac Priest - Talks more about feelings and what is on his mind (war, hometown, etc. ) - Brings mosquito net, vermouth, and English newspapers.
  15. Why does the priest call Henry a patriot? Is this complimentary? Why or why not? The priest calls Henry a patriot because he is a foreigner fighting for Italy. Yes, it is complimentary because the priest respects Henry.
  16. Discuss the priest's view of love. Is the love affair between Henry and Catherine genuine according to the priest's definition? The priest believes that when you love you are willing to sacrifice, do things, and serve. Love is like a religion to the priest. Henry and Catherine do have that sort of relationship. They meet together and seem to really like each other. Lovemaking might play a key role, but they seem to care for one another. Although the relationship is young.
  17. Where is Henry to be taken when he is removed from the field hospital? Why are doctors anxious for him to leave? Who will be at the other hospital?  To Milan to the American Hospital. Doctors need the room because there are more injured coming. Catherine was transferred to the other hospital.
  18. What is Henry's arrival at the hospital like? How does Mrs... Does Walker try Henry's patience? Would you say that he is overbearing... Or that she is over-sensitive? He isn't expected and is left literally hanging- on the arms of the men supporting him- while she whines about having no room ready; he orders the porter to find him room and Mrs... Walker cries.
  19. How do Miss Van Camped and Henry get along? Neither likes the other. She mistrusts him for being in the Italian army. He gets angry when she refuses to order wine for him.
  20. Why do you think Miss Gage tells Henry that she doesn't like Miss Barley? It is her humorous way of admitting some Jealousy- that Miss Barley is so attractive- and perhaps some Jealousy that Miss Barley leaves no room for Miss Gage with him
  21. How does the barber act toward Henry? Why? Thinking the Let. Henry is Austrian, the barber acts hostile.
  22. What does Henry see when he looks at his wound now? It looks repulsive- like hamburger meat- but he views it objectively, with detachment.
  23. What is the surgeon's advice for Henry? Why does he not like the advice?  The surgeon advises waiting six months before surgery, to allow the bullet to "encysted".
  24. Why does Henry decide to have Dry? Valentine's go ahead with the operation? Let. Henry wants a major- not a captain- to do the operation, and he wants it done right away- which Valentine agrees is the way to go.
  25. Why does Catherine tell Henry not to think about the two of them while he is under the anesthetic? She doesn't want him to talk about their relationship in front of her colleagues.
  26. Why do you think Catherine wants to know about Henry's past loves? Why do you think he lies? Would Catherine think less of him if he told the truth? Because he thinks the truth would hurt her.
  27. After Henry's operation, Henry realizes that "Catherine was right. It did not make any difference who was on night duty. " Why not? He is feeling too sick to care whether or not he sees Catherine that night.
  28. How do Ferry and Catherine get along? Ferry and Henry? Why do Ferry and Henry have this type of relationship? The women are good friends; Ferry is protective of Catherine and suspicious of Let. Henry's intentions.
  29. Why don't Catherine and Let. Henry get married?  Catherine points out that if they were married, she would probably be sent away.
  30. What are Catherine and Henry's beliefs about religion?  She tells Let. Henry that he is her only religion; he seems to be pretty much of an atheist.
  31. Who are the Meyers? Who else does Henry know in Milan and what do they do for a living?  They are a couple who like horseradish.
  32. How can you tell that Catherine has deep-rooted fears? Why does she cry when it anis?  She says that she is afraid- that she images both of them dead in the rain.
  33. Describe the horse races at San Sirs. What about them makes Catherine feel "unclean"?
  34. What is Catering's big news for Henry? How does Henry seem to feel when he finds out?  She is pregnant. He is worried but reassuring.
  35. How long was Henry's convalescent leave supposed to be? How did he lose it? A couple of weeks; he develops Jaundice and Miss Van Camped accuses him.
  36. Before Henry leaves, he and Catherine go to the hotel. Why is she unhappy there? She feels like a where.
  37. How does Henry end up on the floor of the train back to the front?  He pays a machine- gunner to hold it for him but gives up the seat when a captain protests. What is the change in mood Henry encounters in Georgia when he returns from the hospital? Why doesn't it "feel like a homecoming"? Gloom is pervasive - and things have changed. He does not know the British ambulance driver, the major looks older, etc.
  38. What does the major tell Henry about how things have been going while Henry was away? The major says it has been a bad summer and there are many sick; he is pessimistic bout the next year.
  39. How does Ronald seem to be doing? How has he changed since Henry last saw him? While he still Jokes, he seems depressed about the war and worried because he believes he has syphilis.
  40. Why does Henry tell Ronald he doesn't want to drink too much? Let. Henry explains that he has had Jaundice.
  41. How has the priest changed since Henry last saw him? What does he mean when he says, "Many people have realized the war this summer" on page 178? The priest is subdued, weary; he thinks that people are finally realizing the brutality and senselessness of war.
  42. What does Henry think about Gin's patriotism? He notices Gin's criticism of his own country which is not in keeping with a patriotic mindset.
  43. Why do the Italians plan to retreat? What is Henry's role in the preparations? The order is given after the Germans break through to the north; Let. Henry is supposed to stay put and help clear out the hospital equipment and the wounded; not all the wounded can be evacuated.
  44. Why do Henry and the others leave the main road? They are afraid of getting stuck if the column is stopped by a few dead horses or deserted trucks.
  45. What happens to the sergeants when Henry asks them to help free the ambulance? Are Henry's actions Justified? When the sergeants refuse to help get the ambulance out of the mud, Let. Henry shoots and injures one, whom Bone happily finishes off.
  46. Pain and Ammo call themselves anarchists and socialists. What do they mean? An anarchist believes in voluntary association- the overthrow of the government control; socialist advocates giving ownership and control of land and capital to the community as a whole.
  47. Why does Henry go across the bridge first? What does this show about his developing/changing character?  They all know that the bridge may be mined- but that one person alone probably would not detonate the explosives; he is pretty brave and feels responsible for the others.
  48. Why is Henry so angry when he sees the German staff car and bicyclists?  It means that the Italians have not held back the Germans; he thinks the Italians should have blown up the bridge and set up machine gunners along the embankment.
  49. Who gets killed by Henry's group? How? Who actually shoots him? Why is Henry so upset about his death?  Ammo gets shot by frightened Italians. Let. Henry isn't visibly upset, but admits that he.
  50. How does Henry almost get killed? Why? How does he escape?  The Italian battle police are about to shoot him for leaving his regiment- and because they suspect he is a German- when he escapes by jumping into the river.
  51. Why does Henry cut the stars from his sleeves? For "convenience"- so that he won't be further harassed as an officer without his regiment
  52. What does Henry think about as he lies in the train car? How does he feel about the war and his life at this point? How has his character change since the beginning of the novel?  He thinks about his lack of anger, his desire simply to wash his hands of the war, and bout the friends- Ronald, the priest, etc. - that he will never see again. He had been sure that the war would not kill him- now he knows it could. He is anxious to be with Catherine, while at the beginning he wanted no commitments.
  53. What help does the proprietor of the bar in Milan offer Henry? Why does he Make this offer?  He offers him a safe place to stay and phony leave papers; having seen Let. Henry lump from the train, he has deduced that Henry is in trouble- and genuinely likes him.
  54. What information does the porter and his wife give Henry? Why does Henry offer them money? Why do they refuse it? Catherine has gone to Stress; he pays them to keep quiet, but they refuse the money because they like him and want to help.
  55. Who is Simmons? Where in the novel does he first appear? How does he help Henry? Henry met Simmons when he was a patient at the hospital in Milan and Simmons was taking voice lessons; Simmons gives him some civilian clothes.
  56. Explain what Henry means when he says, "I had made a separate peace" on page 243. (34) the war, he just wants to be contentedly alone with Catherine somewhere.
  57. How does Henry find Catherine once he gets to Stress? He asks the barman at the hotel whether he has seen two English girls; the barman finds out where Catherine and her friend are staying.
  58. How does Helen Ferguson react to Henry's appearance in Stress? Why?  She is angry and annoyed because she feels Henry has exploited Catherine; also, she is probably Jealous because he is taking away her companion.
  59. Where does Henry plan to go to leave the war behind? Why? To Switzerland
  60. Why does Henry feel like a criminal?  Because he has deserted from the Army
  61. Who is Count Grief? Despite the age difference, how are he and Henry alike? A very old man Henry had met previously; as they play billiards, he reveals his belief that Italy will win the war- since younger nations usually do.
  62. Why does Emilio, the barman, come to Henry's room in the middle of the night?  To alert Let. Henry that there are plans to arrest Henry in the morning.
  63. What escape plan do Emilio and Henry devise? Emilio gives Henry his rowboat and Henry and Catherine row to Switzerland.
  64. What do Henry and Catherine decide to do as soon as they reach their destination? What immediately happens after they're done? They go too cafe© and order a big breakfast. They are arrested but don't seem afraid. They foresaw the arrest.
  65. What excuse do Henry and Catherine give for their trip to Switzerland?
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