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Feasibility Study Argumentative Essay

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ESTABLISHMENT OF AN AUTOMATIC CAR WASH STATION IN OLONGAPO CITY OUTLINE: I. PROBLEM AND ITS SETTING A. Introduction B. Statement of the Problem C. Objectives D. Significance of the Study E. Locale of the Study F. Definition of Terms II. REVIEW OF RELATED STUDIES A. Relation of the Review Material to the Present Study III. METHODS AND PROCEDURES A. Research Methodology B. Data Gathering (Hypothetical) IV. PRESENTATION ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION A. Marketing Aspect B. Financial Aspect C. Socio – Economic Aspect V.

SUMMARY, CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATION A. Summary B. Conclusion C. Recommendation D. Bibliography I. PROBLEM AND ITS SETTING A. Introduction The study is a partial completion of project feasibility study. The intention of putting an automatic car wash station is to meet the necessity of car owners in the city. The project was chosen in expectation of certainties of economic development in Subic Bay Freeport Zone, and also to provide maintenance and efficiency of vehicles that will create access on different location in the area.

To be able to cope up with the growing transportation vehicle in Olongapo City, especially at Rizal Avenue, East Tapinac beside Olongapo Wesley School and second rotunda where at least 2,000 private vehicles were passing a day. This project when fully developed, deserves a superior attention in all its primary operation and therefore it is assured to have a greater chance of success. B. Statement of the Problem This project study analyzes the possibility of establishing an automatic car wash station that is located at Rizal Avenue, East Tapinac near Olongapo Wesley School and second rotunda.

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Car wash station is needful to the transport business. Moreover, there is no existing automatic car wash station to readily serve the needs of vehicle owners here in the city. Its operation will be a big help in giving good services which will benefit the vehicle owners of Olongapo City as well as the visitors or tourists from nearby cities and provinces. It aims to determine the ability to live, grow and develop an automatic car wash station in Olongapo City. Specifically, this study seeks to answer the following questions: 1. How much proceed will be generated? 2.

What is the ratio of car wash stations and private vehicle in Olongapo City? C. Objectives The intention of the feasibility study is to analyze some of the factors that may affect the viability of the said project of putting up an automatic car wash station. To discover the marketing possibility of an automatic car wash station to the customers, the type of market competition, promotion or advertisement and pricing. To determine the financial viability of the project considering the initial working capital and the operating cash requirements, cash flows and profitability.

To enhance our knowledge in project implementation and to provide the viable activity which would improve the present socio – economic standing of our country. D. Significance of the Study The study is significant to the following: 1. Car Owners -To lessen the time of waiting for their cars to be cleaned or to be fixed. The washing station could complete the task of washing a car in 20 minutes. Service charge to be paid is also less. 2. Entrepreneurs -To consider the feasibility of pursuing an automatic car wash station project. 3. Car Wash Station Owners -To determine the type of marketing competition of this industry.

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