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Feasibility Study Critical Essay

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The proposed business is a Snack House. A food establishment that will serve nutritious fruit shakes, milk shakes and finger-licking foods that will cater most especially to the on-the-go individuals. Also, to the general public that is searching for the perfect place to have a relaxing and intense experience to share with their family and friends.

The name is coined from how the food is to be served, “sip” because the shakes will be served in a tumbler, while “trip” means to have an intense and relaxing experience. It is a snack shop that would offer a variety of fresh fruit shakes and tasty finger foods. The menus will mainly consist of It will also provide varieties of music depending on the majority of the clients present in the establishment to add more compliments of being relaxed. “Sip n’ Trip Snack House” will be located in Real Street near the Ritz tower of Leyte because the target customers will be the students of UP Tacloban, Sto. ino church and employees of the government offices in the vicinity such as Tacloban City Hall, “Bulwagan ng Katarungan”, the Land Transportation Office. Likewise, many people visit and spend their free time near the Balyuan tower because of its beautiful, relaxing ambiance, so that they would also be potential customers of the snack shop.

Possible limitations of putting up the snack shop is that there will be peak days, usually during weekdays because of nearby offices and tudents attending classes at UP and lean days because students do not have classes on weekends, also because government agencies do not report for work on weekends. Another possible obstacle is lack of capital to be invested in the project. A third possible hindrance that must be considered would be how to ensure year round supply of fresh fruits and other ingredients for the shakes because of the seasonality of some fruits in the country. Mission To provide health-friendly fruit shakes served with delicious finger-licking snacks that can satisfy your appetite without spending too much.

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Vision To be known as one of the popular snack houses that caters to students, employees and local people who enjoy munching with finger foods and sipping healthy fresh fruit shakes. Moreover, these are served in convenient disposable tumblers that customers can bring back to their offices or to school.

Our generation nowadays is often changing due to the technology. Gadgets were made to make life easier. The general public wants fast, convenient and good quality service especially when it comes to the food. The human need for water is inevitable desire for a higher level of satisfaction made to the creation of healthy fruit shakes. This inspired our group for the business. Snack houses are now popular in our industry because its quality service and variety of food. Shakes are one of the refreshments that attract customers especially during hot weather. Our way of selling our product is to uniqueness due to its convenient container.

Since people are after of the fast-hassle free service of the product, we conceptualize a business that can cater well to the customers and give them the satisfaction they need.

 Competitor’s Analysis

We consider these food establishments as our competitors since they also offer some similar foods and type of service. As to what and how we cater the customers.

Our establishment usually turns into a popular demand during weekdays since it is a regular school day and also has office work. So, customers are in-need of fast, on the go and convenient product and service such as what we offer in our business. However during weekends there is a tendency of customer lacking due to no office work and school days. Edge among Other Competitors Our business offers a variety of fresh fruit shakes and finger-licking foods. The uniqueness of our product comes from the container itself because it is a tumbler style.

Our product has a combo meal which includes the shake at the bottom and the finger-licking snack on top of the shake. This is a package of two-in-one. Hassle free and convenient for the customers. We also focus on other important aspects such as flavor and taste, quality, health-friendly foods, fast service, convenience, cost identity/ image of our business. The establishment want to make sure that the customers are well satisfied w/ what we offer and will have a positive feedback towards us. We also want to be recognized and to be popularly known as the unique snack shop w/ delicious foods and shakes to offer.

The demand of fruits continues to increase despite of its seasonality. A variety of fruits are sold in the market. During lean season, the supplies of fruits are scarce and as result, the prices of which is increasing due to its demand. This situation determines the willingness of the public to spend as much on their preferred fruit shakes. 2011 will witness a true test of healthy living. For the past few years, the prices of fruits are inconsistent due to the supply and demand situation especially during certain occasions like Christmas and New Year. Since the proposed business is selling fruit shakes, it would be a popular demand during summer time when the weather is hot. Technology

As of today, technology is one of the most dominant forces that affect people’s lives. Due to technology, every industry is evolving and food service is no exception yet other food establishment did not anticipate the beneficiary effects of using the latest technology in food service. The following are the major technologies used by food establishments to provide faster and reliable service to the customers: Media and Social Networks for promotional purposes. Hamburger griller Gas range with Oven Blender Deep Fryer Cash Register Refrigerator Water Dispenser Research The lacking menu of shakes existing in the market is the primary weakness of our competitors.

It gave us the idea of turning their weakness into opportunity in the sense that constant research is held frequently in order for us to find some more types of delectable fruits that can be utilized in making shakes. D. Legal Political Concerns Any kind of business, whether big or small will always face the barriers and the hindrances that barricade the firm to achieve its goals. While some of them may be solved without involving the law, some may be too big to be ignored. For that reason, it is important to familiarize yourself, as an entrepreneur, on the various laws that exist and which govern various sectors and facets of the business industry. When it comes to food and beverage handling, cleanliness and sanitation is a top requirement. The employee’s health and sanitation is of a great maintenance as well.

Each employee is required for a health for a health and sanitation permit not just for the government compliance but also of securing the sanitation of the establishment thus, maintaining its reputation for a good service. And as the proposed business aims to provide a high-level dining and take-out experience we will also take the responsibilities of being a part of the community by assuring the establishment’s cleanliness and sanitation without prejudicing the community itself. This can be done by having a proper waste disposal policy and maintaining the cleanliness of the cleanliness of the establishment’s vicinity hence, securing health and sanitation permit. Waste Disposal Zero waste management will be utilized in order for the firm to contribute to the environment of the vicinity of the business thus, leading to the betterment of the community. The various waste materials produced by industries maybe classified generally as solids, gaseous or liquid.

Methods of Waste Disposal

  1. Eliminate of source - The first approach to a waste disposal problem requires a careful attention of the source of pollutants.
  2. Recovery of waste products - Before deciding how to discard waste materials, the engineer should always think for recycle, reuse or for sale.
  3. Regulate how to fit dilution.
  4. Divert waste to other points.

Regular payment of tax is also a responsibility of the establishment since it is also regulated by the government. The proposed business is a small therefore an annual payment of tax is done according to its yearly sales. Licensing

Budgeting – Financial report containing estimates of income and expenses. Purchasing – An act of instance of purchasing. Receiving – Stage of production where products are inspected, in-charge of the products orders and checking of the quality of the items purchased and if all of the necessary items have been purchased. Storing – Process where your foods are stored. It must be done to preserve the quality of goods Preparation – Raw materials are prepared to make the expected product. Portioning – It is where divisions of products are done as to how many servings without sacrificing the profit of the business. This is one of the most crucial parts in the production process.

Pricing – Products are priced depending on the price of our competitors. Serving – This is the part of the production process where in the products are served to the customers. Controlling – Manages the business performance to ensure its good operation.

Labor Requirements Skills required The firm will hire local employees since it is more beneficiary both to the employees and the business itself. Living near the business site is preferable to the employees to insure promptness and can do overtime work when needed. The company on the other hand will give assurance to the workers such as good working condition, facilities for a conductive maintenance of their health incentives and many other benefits required by the labor code, plus benefits given by the company itself.

Sip n’ Trip Snack House will be offering a variety of fresh fruit shakes and tasty finger foods that will give the customer full satisfaction without spending too much. Service Snack Houses are now popular in the Hospitality Industry because of its quality service and variety of food. The type of service that will be used is customized service wherein the customers are going to offer our Health-friendly fruit shakes and tasty finger-licking foods. We aim to provide our customers the satisfaction and convenience of our product and give them the best service we could, in return for their patronage. The type of service that the establishment will have is customized service wherein coupon will be deployed that contains 20% discount on first 20 customers within opening.

Since people are after with a hassle free service of the product, we wish to provide them the best service and give them the satisfaction they need.  The prices of our products are reasonable in a sense that it has beneficiary effects to health for the ingredients are fresh and nutritious fruits and also affordable because the cost of production is cheap. Such machineries used to process the products are power saver. Also, there are suppliers that compete and as a result, prices of the raw materials decrease. Product The products of the establishment are shakes and finger foods placed all in one in a tumbler for a hassle-free eating experience for the on-the-go customers. Place

The location of the proposed business is at Brgy. 25 Real St. Tacloban City near Ritz Tower. Certain institutions are present, the Sto. Nino Church, Rizal Elementary School, and University of the Philippines, St. Therese and City Engineer’s Office therefore the place of the said business will be applicable due to the presence of target market. Promotion The use of modern technology will be utilized for promotion purposes; e. g. Facebook and Twitter and also the use of tarpaulin and leaflets. During lean periods, such promos will be deployed like coupon, freebies, raffle tickets, giveaways,discounts and rebates in order to attract more customers.

Packaging The packaging of our product is a biodegradable type of Styrofoam therefore it is an environmental-friendly material. Also the modern trend of packaging will be applied; e. g. the usage of vibrant colors and line patterns to add more attractiveness of the product. We also offer product packaging for business meetings, seminars and trainings, family package and “barkadahan Package”. This packaging activity serves at one of our strategy for promotions of our business and for creating a good image/ identity to our potential and target markets. People The growth in the demand of healthy products and hassle-free food containers is undeniable.

During the pre-operating period, the business proponents are responsible to deal with some government and private agencies to secure the necessary documents and files, and deal in financing institution for financial needs of the project. The business proponents also are the ones to negotiate for the constructor. The supplier of the materials and by the hired construction firm and the supervision will be integrated with the said contract. Consultant shall be hired also to ensure the safety of the plant and to supervise the installation of the equipment. For Operating Period: During the operating period, the business proponents are the ones that will handle the key position in the company.

The organization sees to it that hired employees are all licensed and undergone the medical examination and drug test. All these persons should have at least an experience in their respective jobs. The personnel will give the customer his undivided attention to make sure that the customer will feel that he is the only one served amidst the queuing multitude. The high wage given by the company and, likewise, the humane treatment of the superiors will inspire the crew to render machine-precise service.

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