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Cisco Feasibility Study

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Computer shop business is the one of the most demand business here in the Stop. Ion Patters Tagging City, internet cafe's are really in demand because of the fast changing technology that the people embarrassed Just like here in the Philippines. Some have their own laptops and bring it to the malls so they could relax and at the same time prepare their assignments and paper works.

The people today are very ND would want to do their Jobs in the beautiful innovative environment that could satisfy their needs and lessen their stress due to busy schedule OBJECTIVES/GOAL -To earn profit. -To satisfy costumers providing best quality services at effective price. -Providing the services at low cost by providing the best quality at affordable price. -To achieve its return of investment and the business giving satisfaction to the owner. VI'. Technical Feasibility vii-l Location b. Floor Plan Star network Star networks are one of the most common computer network topologies.

In its implies form, a star network consists of one central switch, hub or computer, which act as a conduit to transmit messages. This consists of a central node, to which all other nodes are connected; this central node provides a common connection point for all nodes through a hub. In star topology, every node (computer workstation or any other peripheral) is connected to a central node called a hub or switch. The switch is the server and the peripherals are the clients Thus, the hub and leaf nodes, and the transmission lines between them, form a graph with the topology of a star.

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If the central node is passive, the originating node must be able to tolerate the reception of an echo of its own transmission, delayed by the two-way transmission time (I. E. To and from the central node) plus any delay generated in the central node. An active star network has an active central node that usually has the means to prevent echo-related problems. Advantages Better performance: star topology prevents the passing of data packets through an excessive number of nodes.

At most, 3 devices and 2 links are involved in any communication between any two devices. Although this topology places a huge overhead on the central hub, with adequate capacity, the hub very high utilization by one device without affecting others. Isolation of devices: Each device is inherently isolated by the link that connects it to the hub. This makes the isolation of individual devices straightforward and amounts to disconnecting each device from the others. This isolation also prevents any non- centralized failure from affecting the network.

Benefits from centralization: As the central hub is the bottleneck, increasing its opacity, or connecting additional devices to it, increases the size of the network very easily. Centralization also allows the inspection of traffic through the network. This facilitates analysis of the traffic and detection of suspicious behavior. Easy to detect faults and to remove parts. No disruptions to the network when connecting or removing devices. Installation and configuration is easy since every one device only requires a link and one input/output port to connect it to any other device(s).

Disadvantages Failure of the central hub renders the network inoperable Communication between nodes must pass through the central hub. Therefore if the central hub is compromised, so is all communication. The hub is the bottleneck for throughput as it is required to retransmit the sum of all transmitted messages from devices.

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