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Everyone has a special place, a place where you have memories, where you can find peace and harmony. A place where you know you are just happy being there. For some it's a quiet place, for others it's a noisy place. But all of these places have one thing in common; they are places where you think first when asked. My favorite place is a city from where I live in Vietnam, a city called Hanoi. Hanoi, which is the capital of Vietnam, has a long history of culture and development.

Situated in the north-east of Vietnam, Hanoi is the most beautiful city in the country and So why do I like my city? First reason is my family and relatives. I was born and grew up in Hanoi for my whole life. Since I was a baby, I had a lot of memories with this city. I was born in the area of middle-class people in the city, so my childhood I can say it was good. My parents always took care of me, teach me a lot of useful things but also they are strict. I remember when I was 5, I had lost in the park because I followed my friends and I don’t know how to get home.

I cried a lot. Until 9p. m, my father found me sitting at the chair in the park. He took me home and yelling at me. At that time, I wonder why he didn’t asked me if I get hurt or injured instead of be angry. But when I grew up, I understand that he did it just because he want me to be careful and don’t get lost again. That once of many memories about the time I lived there with my parents. I’m in the US for almost a year, but the first thing I see in my head when I’m hungry is the food in Hanoi.

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Food and meal in Hanoi is in people soul and it’s the part of culture. I think there is a food which become popular in most part of the world. It’s Pho – a Vietnamese noodle. Pho in Hanoi is the best in the country, nowhere else have a taste like it’s there. In Hanoi there is a lot of food store or restaurant you can go to. Besides of Vietnamese foods, there are many different kind of food from many countries like Fastfood of the US, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, European,….. If you go to Hanoi, let eating be your first priority.

My city I came from is also the beautiful place. Hanoi is thousand years old and it also a symbol of culture and history of my country. In the past, it went through war and had been destroyed by bomb and fire; nowadays, it’s developing quickly but still have many old, beautiful places to visit. I’m very proud of my city. In the future, if I have chance, I will come back there, because my family there, but also it’s my love and it’s the place in my soul which I always remember.

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