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Fast Food Popularity

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Fast food is a huge growth in our country. Fast food restaurants are constantly trying to increase their popularity growth by lowering prices and getting faster food service technology. With this said there is a huge competition between fast food restaurants all around increasing there popularity. There are many key factors to the reasons why popularity of fast food keeps on growing. It is believed that price may be a contributing factor to the increase in popularity of fast food. However, laziness is the main cause.

Fast food restaurants can make a whole meal in just minutes unlike making food at home. The time it takes us to buy and cook food, fast food restaurants can make a large group of people food. People these days are becoming lazier because of the amount of inventions people are making and the way everything is becoming less complicated. What makes people lazy, when going to a fast food restaurant instead of cooking, is that they will drive to get there food then wait for it to be cooked and then drive home and eat it.

That shows how they are just too lazy to get up and cook their own food. The technology fast food providers are coming out with is making them faster and faster which is also increasing the amount of popularity of each restaurant. The time it takes to get our food is a big factor in the growth of that restaurant. Fast Food restaurants are located almost everywhere you drive in the United States and more. With fast food restaurants pretty much everywhere, it makes them even more popular.

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There is a bigger selection of fast food restaurants then there are stores to buy food at. Almost every road we drive on has advertisement of a fast food restaurant on a sign. Even television has many advertisements that grab children’s attention as well as others. There are approximately 65 different types of fast food restaurants internationally. That is not including all the Mexican, pizza, ice-cream and so on. With this number of restaurants to choose from it makes people have an easy choice of where to go.

The price we pay to make food at home don’t compare to a one dollar burger at a Fast Food restaurant. Cheap food is a great way to getting the popularity of a restaurant to grow. People don’t like spending a lot of money on food so they have the choice of a dollar menu at most fast food restaurants. Some people don’t make as much money as others which makes them decide to go the cheap way out by buying fast food instead of having to pay more to get a homemade dinner. Although the meal may not be as healthy as a homemade meal, the price pays off in their mind.

Some days we just are too busy to be able to cook so the first thing that comes to mind is Fast Food. People who are lazy sitting at home don’t feel like getting up or doing anything, so they just call a fast food place to deliver food straight to their door. Some people even don’t have the time to make their own lunch in the morning so they just get in there car and go through a drive through. When sitting at home and watching television, people don’t feel like cooking and just go grab something to eat at a fast food restaurant instead.

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