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As a child growing up, my parents had already shared to us different stories from mythical/folk tales to the tales of other family members. The typical childhood stories, i. e. The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, etc. , were not also lost in the classroom arena as well. These stories were the first glimpses of the moral backbone that one adopts and also served as the first taste of reading and writing, the fundamental necessities in formal learning.

Concerning the moral background, these stories had taught me the valuable lesson of integrity, empathy, sympathy, kindness, and the lesson that two wrong could not make a right, and elders should be respected. Telling and reading stories with a child could definitely give the child certain ideas. My mother rarely read me stories but I still developed a knack or liking for reading novels and poetry. The precious times that the stories were told had given me this certain enthusiasm. It has driven me to have a certain passion to learn how to read and write on my own and these were powerful backgrounds to help me in my formative years.

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Being a parent, an aspiring teacher and a former child, I could draw a conclusion that parents could help pave the way for children to easily adjust to formal schooling. Parents could further develop the basic learning abilities of children by encouraging their natural curiosity and imagination. A child’s learning usually starts at home with the parents and the development of these first steps could be furthered by the school. It was said that the child could learn with the help of the parents through constant exposure to Environmental Print (Jo Anne L. Vacca, 2005).

The parents could do this by accessing what is readily available at home. They could make use of the television set. A parent then could sit down with the children and explain what could be seen. They could devise a plan where their children could do some activities concerning the television show like scribbling down some words that they had encountered while watching. This just a start and a glimpse to the help that parents could extend to their children. REFERENCE Jo Anne L. Vacca, R. T. V. , Mary K. Gove, Linda C. Burkey, Lisa A. Lenhart, Christine A. McKeon. (2005). Reading and Learning to Read (6th ed. ). Boston: Allyn & Bacon.

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