Factors to be Considered With Indoor and Outdoor Activities

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1. 1: Health and Safety Factors. Factors; Within early years settings, there are various factors to consider for both indoor and outdoor activities. Things that need to be considered with indoor activities are; Safety: Safety gates are needed within any setting with children to keep them safe and secure. The safety gates are used prevent children causing any harm to themselves. Also, safety equipment is needed such as safety scissors to prevent the children randomly cutting themselves. High tables and chairs cannot be used within any setting where there are children.

Low tables are needed as it prevents children running into them and causing themselves harm and prevents them giving themselves concussion. Low chairs are used because they can’t cause any harm to the child whereas if they were high chairs, the children could reach for something and fall off the chair. High door handles are very often used early years settings as it prevents the children from attempting to open the door and often there are two handles, a low and a high one so even if the children opened the low door handle, they’d need the high one open to be able to leave.

Risk assessments are also needed for anyone Security: Early years settings can have a mass amount of security such as buzzers and identity cards. Buzzers are used so only the staff members can leave and enter the setting at any time they can and need to. This also prevents strangers wandering into the setting. Staff members should also have ID cards, CRB checks all that they are fully qualified to work within that setting.

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Also, if any other person is to collect a child from the nursery, the parents would need to ring up in advance to alert the staff otherwise if the carer comes into the setting to collect a child, the receptionist would need to ring the parents first to see if it was okay for that person to collect the child, otherwise the parent would normally have to collect that child. Health: Within the early years setting, the children’s health is a big thing. To keep them healthy, they’d need to maintain a balanced diet and have regular exercise.

For the child to keep regular exercise, the setting usually has both indoor and outdoor play areas that help to stimulate the children’s learning environment. An outdoor activity gives the child the freedom they need and also gives them more room to move around. The children tend to exercise without acknowledging it. Various activities such as bikes and running around generally helps keep them in a healthy form and active. The cafeteria provides a balanced diet so the child can get all the nutrients they need.

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