The Face of War” by Salvador Dali as a Symbol of Human Experience

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There are many different forms of artwork that can depict moments in my life. Many musical compositions, sculptures, and architecture, that express the trials and tribulations that I have endured in my lifetime. There is one piece of artwork that I find to be a complete expression of my entire life. Although "The Face of War" by Salvador Dali was influenced by tragedy in times of war; I have a different view on the painting. The painting itself shows a head that was severed from the body, lying in the sand. The head which looks withered has an expression on it of pain and misery. Its eyes and mouth are filled with identical faces all of which are surrounded by serpents tugging and biting at the rotting heads. To me the painting symbolizes many facets of human experience. It symbolizes pain, death, loss, frustration and despair. All of which I have experienced in dealing with low self-esteem, acceptance issues, and lack of motivation to accomplish anything.

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I am 30 years old and am just deciding what I want to do for the rest of my life. I have experienced pain in more ways than most people will be able imagine. From the constant loss of loved ones, to the emotional pain and physical pain inflicted on myself as well as the physical pain and emotional pain that has been inflicted by loved ones. Moments of despair and frustration have brought me to seek comfort in pain and suffering. I see the painting and it screams out to me speaking a constant struggle with one's feelings, a war inside that no one can see, and the infinite battle within myself that will either make me or break me. This piece of art has a great cultural value as it represents a period of time in which war was a big issue and everyone was feeling the consequences that war brings. It symbolized the pain of the people that were, directly and indirectly, involved with these tragedies.

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