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An explanation of how disability may affect development

Ways a practioner can support a child with disabilities and how they will affect the child’s development. Autism. Children with autism need a strict routine, so they do not feel uncomfortable in their setting.

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The room that they are in in the setting should also be child proofed so they do not injure themselves or others. Eczema. Practioners will be required to put cream on to the child with eczema, they should also be weary not to draw attention to the child, as this may make them feel uncomfortable and different. Blind.

The setting should be provided with brail and extra guidance materials for children who are blind. The practioners should also try to keep the classroom tidy and hazard free as this will reduce the risk of injuries. Down syndrome. Settings should offer one to one support to children with Down syndrome and other disabilities, they should use gestures and signs and other forms of communication in order to include these children in daily activities so they aren’t left to feel left out or different from other children.

ADHD. Practioners should try to use short and quick explanations of work and instructions; they should try to keep the child interested by engaging them in many activities. The child should also be given any medication they require on time as this could affect their behaviour and may put them or the other children at risk of injury or harm. Asthma. Practioners should be aware of any children with asthma and their inhalers must be kept with the child at all times.

It is also important for the practioners to respect that the child had asthma and not push them to do too much physical activity as they will bring on an asthma attack. Dyspraxia. As this is a condition that effects coordination, the setting should be child proofed and all hazards should be removed from the room. They should also be given the opportunity to visit a physiotherapist to improve their condition.