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Evolution of Life as Dasavatharam

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Evolution of life explained in Dasavatharam

Many people Including some scientist don't believe In god Just because they think It's superstitious or something that doesn't exist. Our ancestors are also scientists in some ways. The people in very olden days used to accurately measure the time without having watch, people used to accurately predict the occurrence of lunar and solar eclipse without the facility which nowadays we have. We really dont know what they implemented to find these. Only thing we can do is to respect them and believe hat we always have something superior to us.

Now let us see In detail how Dasavatharam (ten Incarnations of lord Vishnu) Is related to the evolution of life.

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Ten incarnation of lord Vishnu and evolution of life

1. Matsya avatharam (Incarnation in form of Fish ) :

This is the first incarnation of lord Vishnu. Matsya means fish in Sanskrit. It is believed that the life first originated from ocean. As we know fish can live only in water. Similarly the first life came from water.

2. Kurma avatharam (Incarnation In the form of Tortoise):

This Is the second ncarnation of lord Vishnu. Kurma means tortoise. It Is believed by science that after life originated from water, than life tries to enter land where it can live in both water and land. Similarly to this Tortoise can live in both water and land.

3. Varaha avatharam (Incarnation in the form of Pig):

This is the third incarnation of lord Vishnu. Varaha is in the form of Pig. After life that can exist in both water and land than came life which can only exist in land In the form of animals. This is what this Incarnation Indicates; a Pig can live only In land not In oceans.

4. Naraslmha avatharam (Incarnation In the form of half man and animal l:

In Sanskrit Nara means humans and Simha means animal ( Lion ). In this incarnation the lord appears with a Lion face and human body. Similarly this says that humans where evolved from animals. This is also science says.

5. Vamana avatharam (Incarnation in the form of a short man):

This avathara mainly points out that small men evolved from the animals. The shortness Just to Imply the Incompleteness In the growth of the humans.

6. Parasurama avatharam (Incarnation in the form of uncivilized man):

This Incarnation is to mainly point out that humans evolved had lot of animal characters in them. They used the things in the forest for their survival. This is what this incarnation tries to tell.

7. Rama avatharam (Incarnation in the form of civilized man):

After that men turned into a civilized person and use some better weapons than used from the forests. But still the man had animal contact with them. This is what Incarnation of Rama tells. Rama also used Sugreeva and his troops for his war. These troops were In the form of monkeys.

8. Balarama avatharam:

After that man started agriculture to produce food. He became independent from animals. This is what the incarnation of Balarama tries to tell.

9. Krishna avatharam:

As we know that Krishna played an important role in the great Mahabharata. Humans started to learn things and became more intelligent. They learned to make tricks with people and fool them like what we do. This is what the incarnation of Krishna was about.

10. Kalkl avatharam takes this incarnation to destroy the whole world.

According to me this incarnation tries to say that humans are going to be part in the destruction of the world. Also we are in the slow process of destruction of the world. So this is how the incarnation of lord Vishnu goes hand in hand with the evolution of humans. These are some of the proofs which tell that god really exists. So it our duty to preserve our ancestors works and respect them and god. However science may go in advancement but it can never match the supremacy of lord. Believe in Hinduism and appreciate the science in it.

Evolution of Life as Dasavatharam essay

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