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Evaluating Website

Evaluating a Website for Credibility Rebekah Reed Chamberlain College of Nursing NR500: Foundation Concepts and Applications Fall 2012 Evaluating a Website for Credibility With so many health-related websites on the internet it was hard to choose one. I settled on one that is personal to me and that I do a lot of teaching on with patients. I chose American Diabetes Association at www.

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diabetes. org. This website is found by searching any of the search engines. This website has both a consumers and professional page. Diabetes is on the rise in the nation and to have a source that has reliable information for patients is a necessity.

EVALUATING WEBSITE Evaluating this website for authority was a little cumbersome. The website gives you access to news and research where information on the author and publication is listed. There is a section for communication and discussion boards as well. The majority of information is organized by tabs, ie: living with diabetes, food and fitness, etc. There is no author on these pages, but you can find information by going to tab about us page. The purpose of this website is to give consumers objective information both education and for entertainment use.

The American diabetes association is an associated started in the U. S. to help those affected by diabetes. You as a consumer are able to donate in various ways to help support the research. The website assists you in finding your local chapter and events that are happening in your geographical area. The site provides basic information regarding diabetes and care of the disease. The ease of navigation is very user friendly. I enlisted my twelve year old son and mother who is in her late sixties. I asked each to find the page that gave users information on finger sticks.

Both were able to find the information with relative ease. Graphics are loaded quickly and links are functioning. A nice feature I found on this website is the ability to click on an icon that states listen to text and it reads the text to you. This is wonderful for those who have difficulty reading. In addition there are pictures on every page that are related to the topic being discussed for those who learn by visual education. Looking for privacy and security policies shows this website to be certified by Norton Symtec security, Better Business Bureau, Trust wave Trusted Commence and National Health Counsel.

You do not have to be a member to get information from this website. You can become a member for no fee and receive information on diet, control and other subjects. Your information is not shared with a third party or placed on a listserv. The privacy policy is easy to understand and find. Empirical Evidence “This website serves to provide the consumer, as well as the healthcare professional, with information about diabetes, its history, development, treatment and impact on the lives of the diabetic patient. The website homepage makes information available in both English and Spanish.

It is designed to give quick information to the viewer about the latest research and news summaries, a tip of the day, a recipe of the day, personal health risks for diabetes and a link to get local information about diabetes through your zip code. ” (Overman, 2006) In this website the section for professionals gives you access to their search engine for any articles in the five main diabetic journals. You also have the option for professional resources which include information for professional education, patient educational information to use and diabetes animation clips to use in presentations.

The option for continuing education is provided by both live and online programs through many various links. As a nurse or health care professional you are giving and teaching patients how to manage their disease. You are liable for the information you give that in making sure it is accurate and appropriate. The first decision point in recommending a website is to determine the goal the website resource will address. For example, a dietitian might refer a patient to a specific recipe website that offers tips and recipes to help the patient become more comfortable preparing low-fat meals.

Other specific reasons for referring a patient to a website might be to help the patient 1) learn more about a specific aspect of diabetes; 2) obtain recipes that meet taste preferences, the food budget, and health needs; 3) track activity levels; or 4) receive daily tips on being more successful meeting personal goals. (Evert et al, 2008) Conclusion In conclusion the website www. diabetes. org is a credible health-related website and a source of information for both consumers and professionals.

It’s a wealth of knowledge and resources for the consumers in an easy to understand layout and language. For professionals it is a one stop area for up to date information, studies and articles regarding diabetes and related care. References Overman VP; Website Review: American Diabetes Association. International Journal of Dental Hygiene, 2006 Feb; 4 (1): 55 (journal article – website) ISSN: 1601-5029 Evert, A. , March, S. , Powers, M. ; Use of Internet Technology to Support Nutrition and Diabetes Self-Management Care. Diabetes Spectrum, 2008 April; 21 (2) 91-99