Euthanasia Should Be Legalized

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Euthanasia should be legalized The gift of life is the most precious gift of god to us. but all the good things have some gray shades. If our loved one is suffering from a long lasting illness, sans any hope of recovery, should we take the easy way out and go with euthanasia, or should one allow the patient to suffer in hope of a miracle. Nowadays,how often we see a person’s life being wasted away on the hospital beds after being through a terrible accident or health problem, when there is no scope of improvement.

They go through a terrible ordeal not only physically but also emotionally And they are not the sole sufferers. Along with them suffer their loved ones. The life of such patients become living hell. Therefore, euthanasia should be legalized. Mercy killing of such people will be like doing them kindness, after their content lives and saving them from going through living torture. As it is better to have a short,happy and content life as opposed to a long one full of sufferings.

Today is the era of cut throat competition. As the professionalism increases, people find less and less time for their family. When their family member is terribly ill without any hope of recovery, he becomes a burden on them. According to them, he has now not only become incapable and dependent on others, but also demand their time, money and care. As people have become sagacious, they see euthanasia as an easy option to get rid of their ‘burden’ as well as responsibility.

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Making euthanasia legal will give such people open license to murder and move on with their lives. in my opinion, euthanasia should not be legalised, but it should be an available option for those whose chances of recovery are way to bleak. If the case is genuine, that is, the patient is alive only on ventilators and shows no sign of improvement for some years, then euthanasia would be a better option. But if the family of the patient are only looking for an easy way out, then it should not be granted.

It all depends on the nature of the case as well as the circumstances. Making euthanasia legal will always be a debatable issue. Humans by nature are strongly bonded to their loved ones, and in general will only go for euthanasia,if all the doors close and even the last ray of hope has been extinguished. But when the time comes in life to make this decision, it is essential for ourselves to use not only our minds but also our hearts.

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