Ethos Pathos Logos in the speech “Address in Support of Religious Tolerance of New York City Mosque” by Michael Bloomberg

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The speech “Address in Support of Religious Tolerance of New York City Mosque” by Michael Bloomberg was delivered on August 3, 2010, on Governors Island, New York. There was an Islamic group who wanted to create a Muslim Community Center and mosque in a building a block away from site of the World Trade Center buildings. At the same time, some people were making an effort to stop the Islamic center from being built. Mayor Bloomberg presented this speech in response to the protesters of the mosque. Bloomberg’s use of rhetorical appeals includes logos, pathos, and ethos, along with his choice of setting, successfully convinced New Yorkers that their mosque was welcomed.

Bloomberg used logos, while tending to the audience. According to the Bloomberg’s speech, “This building is private property, and the owners have right to use the building as a house to worship.” You cannot do anything to those people because they own that property for example if you were to own the World Trade Center because it’s your property. Another fact according to Bloomberg speech is that “the government has no right to use whatsoever to deny that right, and if it were tried, the court would almost certainly strike it down as violation of the U.S.”

In other word, if it went to court, the people who oppose the mosque would lose because they have the Constitutional right to practice their own religion. Develop more If they own the property you cannot tell them that you cannot do it here. If this went to the court, then court people would not do anything besides telling them that they made it by themselves. The most enjoyable aspect of Bloomberg’s speech was his usage on the facts rather than opinions. In addition to the logic, Bloomberg easily represents his emotion that surrounds this issue, as well as, the passion he has when he Is speaking in this address.

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He criticizes those who were convoluted in the terrorist attack as “murderous Fanatics,” while differentiating them from those who were peacefully practicing their religion. His language supports the value that we put to spiritual and the graciousness of the people who wants to worship. His belief in the people and our responsibility as Americans to protect their opportunity to worship. He talks about the pain that all New Yorkers, including Muslims, suffered in 9/11. Bloomberg warns that if we exclude the non-violent American Muslims, we should feel regretful. In his speech he says one more phrase that is heartbreaking is “3,000 people were killed.”

The amount of people who got killed on 9/11 is horrific. He was trying to say that those people who got killed now they cannot do what they wanted to do. There life is over for the people who got killed at 9/11, If the terrorist did not hit the World Trade Center then they could’ve enjoying their superior life. Bloomberg speech one fact that stood out to me was “New York City was built by immigrants, and it’s sustained by immigrants by people from more than a hundred different countries speaking more than two hundred languages.”

In that Bloomberg was trying to say immigrant who came from their country made New York better city by growing their own businesses in New York. All the immigrants came to United State to do something where they can be successful in their life so they all come and work hard to achieve their goal by making money. He confesses that there is much dissent in New York, but the power of New Yorkers to live there life peacefully in dissent is what makes New York City so great. “Michael Rubens Bloomberg was born on February 14, 1942, Medford, Massachusetts.”

Bloomberg was elected three time to become mayor of New York City. When someone is elected more than year then there would be something in that person that deserves to become mayor three times. Bloomberg is very educated that he knows about New York, New York laws and the Constitution. In his speech Bloomberg does not seem like he’s above all. He’s using the words like Our City, We and Us describe as he’s not being selfish person. He’s trying to say that this is our city that unifies that he’s saying this all our city. That’s something we should all think about that he is this rich person but still doesn’t think that it’s my city, other billionaires you see they will be like this is mine and not yours but, in this speech, he doesn’t refer to anything such as mine. He is billionaire, but he does not tell everyone that he is one.

This speech was held in Governors Island, New York. At the speech he had various professional behind him like Buddhist, Monks and priest with these people behind him which speaks to core message of his speech- religious tolerance. The setting that the speech was held it’s very important that he could have done the speech anywhere else, but he did it at Governors island so that’s unique. The World Trade Center is just block away where the Islamic building their own center called Ground Zero Mosque. You can see that people disagree with that because they do not want Ground Zero Mosque and World Trade Center next to each other because they think they can’t have religious community center by World Trade Center.

In conclusion, I think Bloomberg was successful on persuading that they should follow their religion everywhere. That says that everything he said made all the New Yorker agree with him. By combining ethos, pathos, logos and setting Bloomberg created a great speech. He used key words to create the pathos. He connected with his audience and refers to public opinions. Looks at the totality of Islam and focused on the ethical qualities of the religion. Logically uses facts. It uses religious figureheads to lend support for his position. Overall, the speech that Bloomberg wrote was exciting to read and made audiences thought about if they should let the Islam make the Ground Zero next to World Trade Center.

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