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Essay about Ethics Reflection Paper

Ethics Reflection Paper Patricia Holt SRT 581 February 25, 2013 Jill Hagist Ethics Reflection Paper The purpose of writing this paper is to reflex on the issues of ethics in strategic planning.Another purpose is to explain how ethics and social responsibility in developing a stategic plan for a company.Lastly, the paper will consider how both ethics and social respnsibility considers stakeholder(s) needs.

The Role of Ethics and Social Responsibility in Strategic Plannig Knowing that ethics is a major fundamental principle in people or groups of people, such as businesses, importance of this awareness these groups have to achieve working knowledge of ethics so that they do not upset others around them.

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Socially businesses have to also take in their responsibility in the stategic planning because businesses have a responsibility to do their activities to meet bigger commitments towards the society and the environment (Abdullah, 2013).

Strategic planning is very important and is a primary action in the corporate world which the company uses their upper level management to articulate the organization’s strategy, direction, and in deciding important elements for the organization (Abdullah, 2013). Stakeholders Needs Stakeholders are part of strategic planning because they hold a major part of influence in how a company will do things to satisfy their needs. Stakeholders are basically everyone that has a stake in the business.

The stakeholders view of a compay responsibility are Stockholders, Creditors, Employees, Customers, Suppliers, Government, Unions, Competitors, Local communities, and the general puplic (Pearce, 20110). Personal Ethical Perspective Evolved As requested from the class syllabus Patricia Holt retook the Ethics Awareness Inventory for better understanding of her personality traits. After taking the Ethics Awareness Inventory she found that she was high in the ethical perspective of Character (C). This showed her that she tended to base her perspectives on what is considered the right thing to do.

Also in the Character perspective she believes that ethics should focus on ways to help achieve moral excellence (Pearce, 2011). That she looked for virtue in people such traits as honor, justice and benevolence, considering virtue as a concrete aptitude and not an abstract principle (EUI, 2012). The summary of the EAI SCORING SUMMARY — 2/25/2013 The Williams Institute for Ethics & Management Ethics Awareness Inventory – Gain New Insight Into Your Ethical Perspective C-O-R-E Categories: C – CHARACTER O – OBLIGATION R – RESULTS E – EQUITY Most Likely Scores: Character = 8 Obligation = 8 Results = 3 Equity = 5

Least Likely Scores: Character = 2 Obligation = 2 Results = 8 Equity = 12 Combined Scores: Character = 6 Obligation = 6 Results = -5 Equity = -7 Ethical Profiles: Most Likely = Character Least Likely = Equity Conclusion Organizations have obligations to individuals and communities as a whole to behave ethically. Ethics are principles that one considers as right or wrong and after taking EAI Patricia found that she has not changed in her views and concepts. She still considers a person’s character is based his or her ethical perspective on “what it is good to be, rather than what it is good to do” (EAI, 2012).

References Abdullah, A. , (2013). Five Important Issues of Ethical and Social Responsibility in the Strategic Planning Process, eHow Contributor. Retrieved from http://www. ehow. com/info_8618109_five-responsibility-strategic-planning-process. html Ethical Awareness Inventory (2012). Ethical Awareness Inventory, Gain New Insight Into Your Ethical Perspective. Retrieved from https://ecampus. phoenix. edu/secure/aapd/Vendors/TWI/EAI/ Pearce, J. A. , II, & Robinson, R. B. (2011). Strategic management: Formulation, implementation, and control (12th ed. ). Boston, MA: McGraw-Hill/Irwin.

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